Are you dreaming of a ride that will make people around jealous?

Auto Body Spray dreams come true!

Certainly, there are two ways to make your dream come true. Firstly, you can spend tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a car with a screaming name. Of course, such a beauty will make everyone turn their heads.

But there surely has to be a slightly more cheap way to get the same effect.

And the answer is – spray paint! That’s right! With spray paint nowadays we have the possibility to create practically anything on the outside of your car. By the way, it doesn’t really matter, if your ride used to belong to our father and is an ancient, but beloved oldie, or if the car is brand new. Spray paint will make everything better!

But there is one important trick you have to keep in mind. Not everyone can create a great design that would actually look good on the car and cause that ‘wow’ effect.

You may be even thinking that the only right way of spray painting your car – is giving it straight to the professionals and letting them do the job. But let me open you one secret today.

You have the ability to make any design out of our head come to life on the outside of your car! And that is without spending thousands of dollars on expensive professionals, whose results you may end up not even liking in the end.

I present to you…

Learn Auto Body VIP – the dream of every auto enthusiast!

Auto Body Spray dreams come true!

Remember the days, when you used to watch a popular TV show and think that one day I am surely going to have a car like that? And remember where it all used to start? That’s right! Fro painting the outside of the car. This really is the feature of the ride that makes the difference and makes people stop on the street.

So, are you an auto enthusiast that simply loves his babe and wants to make sure that it is the best looking out of all? Moreover, are you a person that like to craft and has a creative something in your mind?

Then Learn Auto Body VIP is the perfect program for you that will make sure everytime you ride (or even just look) at you car, you will be filled with pride and joy. Certainly, you may be thinking that the whole process of spray paint is just too complicated and that you have to have great skills to master it.  But let me tell you a few things:

  • You will not only be able to create any stunning project you have on your mind.
  • You will surely be gaining all the necessary skills along the way.
  • And you will be able to save thousands of dollars on the development of the design and the whole working process.

The level of your skills does not matter. Whether you are a beginner or have already mastered a couple of techniques – the program is perfect for you. And that is exactly what a lot of reviews like to emphasize.

But until we get any further – how about meeting the author of the whole program?

Meet Tony Bandalos – the Learn Auto Body VIP founder.

Auto Body Spray dreams come true!

Tony Bandalos is still quite a young man, but can actually already be called a veteran painter due to his 19 years of experience in the field. He was one of the first people out there to create an online training resource. And nowadays it is considered to be the best online training program that you can find with thousands of reviews, happy customers, and creators. By the way, the course is also used in high schools in the US and Canada.

The amazing fact about Tony is that the boy started at the age of 13. That’s right the first car he had ever transformed had actually painted only at the beginning of his teens. Well, the truth is, that it was a scooter, but you have got to start somewhere, right?

The list of Tony’s cars started to eventually grow as he got older. He became a real car nut and I a strongly convinced that this is exactly who you have to be if you want to make amazing paintings over your ride.

Tony Bandalos is a lucky person. Becuase he managed to find out what his real passion was at such a young age. Now, he is still only 34, with a whole life ahead, but already two decades of experience behind his shoulders.

By the way, Tony himself admits that age means nothing in this field. The program has subscribers of absolutely all ages, varying from 15 to 85, for example. You just have to love your ride. That’s it.

Auto Body Spray dreams come true!

 What does Bruce Lee have in common with Auto Body?

Such a manly question to ask. Tony, of course, is not only a cars fan but also a sports fan. And he figured throughout the years that a lot of techniques and pieces of advice are quite the same in both of these fields.

And this was actually one of the best advice Tony’s father ever gave the little boy. He used to say while painting yet another car in the garage to his young son:

Just stand back for now. Stand back and watch. Don’t pick up any tools, the time has not come yet. You have to pay attention to the work of one single master. Learn all of his techniques, get acquainted with all of his skills and then master them. 

Only after becoming a master of technique yourself, you will be ready to proceed to the next one – and learn from other teachers.

But it all starts from one point – you have to stand there and watch. Watch until you will understand what the master is doing, why he is doing that and why he is doing that right now.

This was literally the same technique that Bruce Lee used to learn martial arts.

Auto Body Spray dreams come true!

Does Learn Auto Body VIP really work?

So, let’s review what will be waiting for you, if you decide to buy the program (amazing in all ways, in my humble opinion).

It is a whole system that has only one aim – to teach you to auto paint. Even though all the materials are brought to you in an extremely simple and easy matter – it doesn’t mean the whole course won’t help you achieve anything. It is quite the opposite, the program has over 100 hours of materials that really do go in-depth of the questions and provide you with quality material.

The authors of the course really didn’t want to take the easy way out. A brief video lesson that promises to help you acquire the same skills may cost the same amount of money, but you have to be sure that the results you will be getting from this lesson – are close to zero.

Learn Auto Body VIP is a whole program specially designed to take you through all the difficulties and help you come out a real expert in the end.

Let’s talk money…

If you decide to study something of the kind at college, you will be paying at least 10,000 bucks for the course. And that is excluding all the materials and books you will need during the years. And let’s not forget about the most precious resource of our generation – and that is time. As soon as you decide to attend college – you will not only have to pay with money but also with years of your time.

Auto Body Spray dreams come true!

At the same time, the author here has an option that can suit anyone. For the price smaller than the price of the books for college alone, you will be able to learn the craft as quickly as possible and during the hours, when you feel like you have the time for it. The course is totally flexible.

Moreover, you should have already thought about that, but let me raise the question officially. Even before you fully complete the course, you will already be able to turn your hobby into an actual job. And this tie you will be the guy that is making great sums of money on creating art pieces on cars. For a lot of subscribers, this has become their full-time job and they couldn’t have been happier.

Is Learn Auto Body VIP just a scam?

It may seem for some just too good to be true. But I have a thing that will surely get all questions out of the way.
A 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

Yes, nothing screams TRUST more than a simple guarantee. But let me quickly explain how this one works. As soon as you decide to become a lifetime member – the clock starts ticking. You have the possibility to try all the features of the course for two whole months without any risks! In case you decide that this is simply not your cup of tea and that you don’t want to use this stuff any longer – no problem with that. You will be getting every single penny back as quick as possible.

But in case you want to learn how to exactly:

  • Get started with your design
  • Install custom body parts and accessories
  • Execute the exact color and budding tactics to get that amazing PRO gloss finish
  • Learn the correct pressure to paint practically anything
  • Make extra money doing easy side jobs from home
  • And cope with dozens of little difficulties that you will surely be coming across…

Then Learn Auto Body VIP is just the perfect choice for you!

Auto Body Spray dreams come true!

And because it is absolutely risk-free – I see no reason why you shouldn’t at least try it out 😉

Learn what it takes to do your own auto painting at home – click here to join Learn Auto Body VIP today, and give your car a new splash of paint!


  1. Kevin Richards

    This ebook is simply amazing! I have finally become a pro at the thing that I like to do. And it even started bringing me quite some money! Thanks!

  2. This is a whole system that has only one aim – to teach you to auto paint. Even though all the materials are brought to you in an extremely simple and easy matter – it doesn’t mean the whole course won’t help you achieve anything.
    It is quite the opposite, the program has over 100 hours of materials that really do go in-depth of the questions and provide you with quality material.

  3. Leonard Fiorillo

    According to me, this product was created by guys who understand exactly what they were doing. People who had the right information and have helped me a lot.

  4. Charles Rice

    Learn Auto Body VIP is definitely an on the internet auto body and painting course that basically instruct individuals to customize and restore their cars in a very professional way.

  5. I have been able to learn more than enough out of this system. And that is for the fact that this is working better than any other. These are amazing tips.

  6. Thomas Young

    Fun and easy to learn strategies that you can apply to your own projects. Learn Auto Body VIP is the perfect program for you that will make sure every time you ride at your car, you will be filled with pride and joy.

  7. I can conclude that this product is really worth buying. Sure enough, this is the best of many reviews.

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