Ideas 4 Landscaping Review: Create Incredible DIY Lawns & Gardens

If you want to look cool nowadays, just start talking about your involvement in DIY projects. This is basically trying out creative projects on your own, without consulting any professionals. It’s one productive way to spend your free time, and you get to create some really cool products that you can display on your homes.

It helps if you own your own home. This means that you can do as you please without having to ask the landlords for permission. Know what else you can totally do all by yourself? Landscaping.

Ideas 4 LandscapingThe best part being, you can do this in an easy way that would ultimately give you fabulous results, in such a short period. Forget the headaches that come with dealing with landscapers who might not even give you what you want, even after spending so much money.

My review will shed some light on the best-kept landscaping secret. Make no mistake, though. This is not a scam. If you have ever thought, even for a minute, about designing your own landscape and had no idea where even to begin, this is for you.

About the author

Helen Whitfield came up with an idea to write a book for landscaping ideas after having gone through so many designers who only left her frustrated.


Trying out different magazine ideas didn’t cut it either. Instead of being discouraged and giving up, she spent 18 years perfecting her landscaping skills, by not only designing her own landscape but going ahead and actually building it.

Imagine that! She is an expert when it comes to all matters landscaping, and she decided to share her vast knowledge with the world. Most people would rather keep such ideas to themselves, but not Helen.

stone landscaping

She knew that sharing her tips with her friends was just not enough. She had to reach a bigger audience. And that’s how she decided to write the book, Ideas 4 Landscaping.

After her dreadful experience with landscapers, she wanted to create something that would not only give you fantastic design ideas for your home but also save you some money while you are at it.

Why you need this book

We all know how much landscape designers charge for their services. Even the consultation fee alone is enough to feed your family for a week. This is an outright scam because you don’t get what you pay for. Not even having to mention all the hassle you go through when working with them.

Ideas 4 Landscaping

At some point, you had an idea of doing it all by yourself. But where could you even start? The people you shared this idea with clearly thought you were going out of your mind. You almost started believing them. You didn’t know of anyone who had built their own landscape. Well, Helen did. And so can you.

Why is this important?

This is all to let you know how Helen’s book might come in handy if you were thinking of ditching the professionals and coming up with your own designs. It might be a place you have lived at for a while or even a dream home. The book caters for both scenarios.


  • The use of simple language that anyone can understand
  • Helen uses a step by step approach that gently eases you into the whole landscaping idea
  • It gives you a cheaper alternative to get the beautiful landscape you have always dreamt of.
  • You achieve what you want in a limited period then when you use professionals
  • It’s the first step to your DIY journey for your home.
  • The content jogs your memory and inspires you to come up with even better designs
  • It has a variety of photos that paint the picture of what you might have in mind

Ideas 4 Landscaping


  • It can prove tasking if you don’t have a passion for DIY projects.
  • You have to really want to build your own landscape at the first place before embarking on the journey. Otherwise, you will get bored and quit.
  • Reading the book and implementing ideas will need you to create time, and most of all, be patient with yourself. Might not be ideal if you are ever busy.

Ideas 4 Landscaping

If you are still skeptical at this point, just visit the site and read the reviews. Helen has many clients who tried her methods, which worked, and they were more than happy to share their experiences with other users.

That’s not all….You can get all this done in just one weekend. It’s quite unbelievable how fast the whole process is. Most of us think that quick jobs only result in poor outcomes. I can’t blame you. I have witnessed that first hand.


This is a different case, however. One of those rare perfect outcomes. You will not believe how fast your whole surrounding is transformed just by this one change.

How do I purchase this book?

The whole process has been made relatively simple or you. Just visit the site, and click on the book. This automatically adds it to your cart, and at this point, you will be required to pay and receive the books. There are a wide array of ways you can make the payments. All the cards that are accepted are given on the site.

How much does it cost?

Landscaping in itself is an expensive affair. Let no one tell you otherwise. What Helen is trying to do is making it easy and painless for you. To purchase this book, you will need only $27.You will not be asked to spend any additional fees, which happens with some sites which seem to be running a scam. Originally, the landscaping guide cost $97, but since most people wanted to buy, Helen decided to lower the prices to ensure anyone can get access to it.

How secure is my information?

Any information you provide on the site is highly restricted access by any third parties.

Ideas 4 Landscaping

All other payment information is received by Clickbank, which is the system that facilitates all online payments. This information is not even accessed by this site. Helen will only receive the payments after you have received your books.


  • You’ll learn to landscape your home in a way that’s easy, fun, and you can do yourself!
  • Contains a huge amount of different instructions for any type of landscaping project you want to undertake!
  • You’ll get to know how to grow your own organic vegetables to start eating healthier food.
  • You’ll experience the satisfaction that comes from creating your own environment, shaping your landscape to how you want it to be, and from finishing beautiful projects.
  • Learn how to make your own designs, and adjust the designs you find inside the book to fit your needs even better and start designing your very own home and backyard!


  • Landscaping can be a little bit taxing, and time-consuming, but for a lot of people that’s part of the fun!
  • You might also need to buy some materials for the bigger projects since you probably don’t have all the materials needed just lying around!

Why it’s totally worth it?

You must be wondering why this site is so different from those other sites trying to sell similar guides. The explanation is quite simple. Apart from having over 7000 landscape photos and thousands of ideas, the guide also has videos that really capture the ideas making it seem real.

Ideas 4 Landscaping

From backyard design ideas to gardens, lawns, facades, and even lake designs, this book has it all. You will have ideas that will last you a lifetime. Even professional landscapers do not have this many designs. The amazing landscapes you might have coveted on magazines and TV finally come to life.

This could be your dream come true. That’s not all. You will also get four bonus books alongside your original purchase. The books are given for free on the condition that you buy the Ideas 4 Landscaping guide first.

#1:120 Premium Landscaping Videos

These are landscaping videos that are a combination of tips and tricks by the most renowned landscapers. With this bonus, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best of both worlds; Helen’s modern take on landscaping, as well as views from other experts who have been in the trade for far too long.

If you bought this book by itself, it would set you back a whopping $450.But since it’s part of the original purchase, you get the videos free. I mean, how amazing is that? The most interesting part is, new videos are added periodically.

You are always guaranteed to be in the loop when new landscape designs are created. Having the videos grants you automatic lifetime access, meaning you will have no trouble viewing new uploads.

#2: Landscaping Secrets Revealed Guide

Wonder why the same idea always has different results? It’s because people execute ideas differently. This guide will let you in on the most guarded landscaping tricks that will set apart your design from the rest.

You will learn all about the soils which are most conducive to such projects, different types of landscaping and what suits you best. The guide also includes ways that have you incurring close to nothing in developing and maintaining your garden and patios.

It practically gives you all the landscaping tricks you could ever think of. The purchase price for this book is $197 if bought separately. For you to get it for free, you will have to follow the condition that requires you to initially buy Ideas 4 Landscaping. Talk about real bargains! What more could you ask for?

What more could you ask for?

#3: Save on Energy Costs – Green Home Guide

With the numerous conservation campaigns being run today, it’s only fair the message comes close to home. This guide tries to help save the environment, one home at a time. It goes for $57, but you will be getting it for free.

This is by showing you the different ways you can preserve energy and save on water and electricity concurrently. You will be given different ideas that will help you conserve the environment by starting with your own surroundings.

#4: How to Grow Organic Vegetables

What’s the purpose of having a garden if you can’t grow herbs and vegetables on it? You’ve worked so hard already, building your own landscape and what’s left is enjoying the fruits of your labor. Literally!

I love this bonus because it’s suitable for beginners, even if you have never grown anything before in your life. It’s written in simple English that will help you follow the instructions given quickly. You will be taught not only on how to know which foods are organic, but also the best ways of planting them.

This will help you cut down on what you spend buying food, and also it will have your whole family eating a healthy diet every single day. Here is the deal. If you are a landscaping enthusiast, you have no reason not to buy this book.

There are so many perks that come with the purchase, and the reviews are fantastic. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it also comes with four additional books and videos that will transform your whole experience.

If for any reason you are convinced that you didn’t get what you expected from the guides, there is a 60-day guarantee given. This starts right after the day of your purchase. You can make your claim, and you will have a full refund of your money, without having to jump through hoops.

I would advise that you try going through the experience yourself first, without wholly relying on what the reviews say about the books. There is around-the-clock customer care service, in case you have any inquiries or comments regarding any of the books. I have tried to incorporate all the basics in my review.

What is remaining is for you to get on the site, and make the purchase.

Get Ideas 4 Landscaping today, and transform your backyard into your own private paradise!

4.9/5 - (13 votes)


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  • This is amazing! The illustrations, the simple guidelines… Everything is there to inspire you. And you just can’t help, but grab a couple of stones and start making a pond in your garden. Brilliant!

  • I just got married to the love of my life and hence moved to a new place. I want to make sure that my home becomes more beautiful than I found it. So the guide, am hopeful that will help me in achieving this. I will recommend the guide to any person for sure.

  • My wife and I wanted to make out home look different and better. For that, we decided to do landscaping. But it was too costly that we cannot afford right now. Then my wife heard about this guide from somewhere. We were so surprised by lots of beautiful designs that we couldn’t select one. You know you should choose it wisely which one will suit your home.

  • As women, we are always known to be the home makers. This includes all the proper workings and also the state of art of your home. I am happy that I have such a guide to proper landscaping of my beautiful home. Let us do this.

  • I bought this in to add some real detail to my house. It was very plain and unfeatured before I bought this in. Seems to work amazingly!

  • It is made up of various ways and methods of informing a structure. You can easily be able to have the eBook downloaded and get to learn a ton of useful information.

  • This is perfect for those who want to quickly realize an increase in curb appeal for the sale of their home or even just homeowners who don’t have plenty of time or energy to undertake very involved landscaping projects.

  • As a working in landscaping field. I really love to read your content. DIY projects it’s great option to spend your spare time. and this is not easy option you have a great thinking mind and most of other things also.
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