Do you remember in school when there was at least one student in class or in the batch who always gets mobbed by their classmates?

At first, you start to wonder what the hype was all about so you decide to squeeze your way through the crowd as well. Then when you were able to get a glimpse of what it was all about, it was the artworks of what your talented classmate made.

She’s not just any classmate, she is a friend of mine. I met the skillful artist when my childhood friend introduced me to her during lunch. The only thing you could see her do was draw during her free time; she also drew like the pencil was an extension of her arm.

tiger sketch

Her pencil danced with grace on paper and I was just paralyzed to stare at it while she drew.
With my awe towards her drawing, I asked her when she started drawing. She answered with, “As long as I can remember. I was already drawing when I was still pretty young.”

Then, I asked her how she taught herself that. That was when I heard her say “I didn’t teach myself anything. It just  happened.” Wow! She was made for drawing; a goddess at it, probably!

I thought to myself, “what if I were just like her? What if I also have the skill to actually draw beautifully?” With all my imagination and creativity bursting with vibrant colors in my mind, I could picture the images I wanted to draw on paper.

I started to draw the lines and curves of the object and the end result? It screams frustrated artist and big, red, blinking arrows pointing at me.


Ethan’s How To Draw Animal Portraits

At first, I didn’t buy the fact that I don’t have any drawing skills. “Maybe it’s just not my day today.” When I saw how my drawing went, I don’t know if I should either be grateful or jealous of my friend. Grateful because at least, I tried, right? Jealous because I wanted to have such expertise to draw what my creative juices could produce.  But  I guess I’m just not as special as her.

With pride, I decided to rely heavily on drawing my cat right away. What made everything difficult were two things: 1) I was clueless on where to start; and 2) the feline wouldn’t stay put.

Then I thought if I actually want to end up being just like her, then I need to work hard for it. I did my research and read reviews online but first battled with myself if I should actually go for realistic humans or animals first. In the end, I decided the latter since it seems like a good step to start on (and at least they wouldn’t feel awkward when you keep on glancing back and forth from the person to paper).

And alas, I saw the book entitled “How To Draw Animal Portraits” and the moment I saw it was like Heaven opening up in the sky. The website clearly stated what I’ve felt when I watch my friend sing her creativity with her dancing puppet – the pencil. I fist bumped the air and whispered, “Yes, thanks, Ethan.”


With that, I tried to be brave and ask my mom for her bank details just to buy the book for me. It might be something minute for you but when you are burning with passion and motivation, you just want to have what is best for you to reach it.

Learn how to draw animal portraits today, and you’ll finally know all you need to draw out your favorite four-legged (or winged!) animals!

coloured pencils

Fruits Of Hard Work

As I said earlier, mine was pure passion which is why I started drawing. Like most people, before they pursue something, they check the benefits of having a certain skill.  You don’t know how much doors are about to open when you teach yourself this.
Listed below are some of the benefits that you could get from this:


Whenever I get home from a long day of doing errands, I try to find ways to actually give myself a breather. Imagine drawing as some kind of detour when all you ever do is stress yourself in finishing things to be finished may it be in school or work.


I remember when my other friend and I had doodle rounds as we told each other to draw from something that has wings up to famous icon Donald Trump. Then, when it was my turn to give him something to draw, I didn’t tell him “I want you to draw an ocean” but instead I told him “I want you to draw about what you think of the ocean” and after every drawing, we end up discussing about the portraits that we created. It took us a minimum of 15 minutes to review our thoughts on something we see everyday.“What if there is a deeper kind of communication that we could only express through drawing and not in speaking? What if there is something that we could interpret when we think of  the ocean or the forest?”

Means of income

In today’s era, we appreciate more of the media served virtually than having to read about it. Illustrators and graphic designers are needed in most, if not all, companies. A generous amount of clients online are also willing to pay for a willing freelancer at a price.

drawing animals


After giving my dominant hand its own muscles from drawing, I’ve heard people tell me that I was actually good in drawing. It totally made a difference for me.
“Wow! That’s so pretty.”
“You’re so talented. I wish I could draw just like that too.”
“Wow. That’s pretty sick. Can you draw for me for free?”

And the compliments just keep on rolling.
If I were being completely honest,  I never expected that I would actually live a day where people would actually notice my style of drawing. Although, I know my hands aren’t as godly as my friend’s, it was still such a milestone to how I was able to progress from drawing stick figures to realistic beings.

Also, as a budget-constricted, budget-conscious person that I am, here is a (not so) pro-tip! When you develop your drawing skills and Christmas comes, you can offer your drawing as gifts.

What’s good about this?

  1. It serves as a remembrance (if what you drew is something valuable to them thus having sentimental value)
  2. It is an easy way to make the receiver smile
  3. You actually save a lot of money; you only need pens, eraser and a paper to do this

eagle art

Funnily enough, I am also that kind of person too. The thing that makes drawings special is because you know they even had to go through the effort to make you one. I know for a fact that it takes time to actually finish one portrait.
I watched  YouTube videos on speed painting and in the end, it took more than a day to actually create such a masterpiece. That was also one of the reasons that pushed me to develop my drawing skills further.


Before I was even able to buy Ethan’s How To Draw Animal Portraits, I was that frustrated woman awhile ago. Picturing who I was from before to who I am now, I could see this big difference and how much How To Draw Animal Portraits help me reach my goal.

I wouldn’t say it was hard to draw because I assure you, it’s not. If it were hard for you, well, I guess the only thing I could suggest is for you to get Ethan’s book. I was a beginner in this field, in fact, I was a novice at it. I was just someone dreaming of becoming an artist at least and having her own style of drawing.

fox drawing

How To Draw Animal Portraits was easy to read and cope with. It was like a package that was neatly wrapped and handed to you. Definitely, it started with teaching you the concepts of drawing, shading, techniques, and many more.

Don’t worry about it. This part won’t waste your time reading it because once you get to the hands-on activities, it gets easier. It’s not the kind of book that would bombard you with a lot of information; this is what I could really appreciate with Ethan’s book.

It isn’t something like, “Okay, let’s just throw the information in the book and leave it to the readers”. No. He guides you throughout the entire manual as there is no scattered information all over the book. Related terms or concepts are found in one page which is also something you could go back to whenever you want to review it all over again.

Trust the reviews about this book. If it helped me, it will help you too.

Click here to start drawing realistic and beautiful animal portraits, by learning how to draw animal portraits – click the link to start!

How To Draw Animal Portraits Review: How Much Better Can You Get?
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  1. When I saw how my drawing went, I don’t know if I should either be grateful or jealous of my friend. i continuously practiced.i checking some review about it.then i found this one.there has been given all the techniques to draw animal portrait.i just followed all the things one by one.and now i have became lil bit expert on it.

  2. Sandra Eagan

    I love to paint cute dogs, cats and other animals making funny gestures. However, I always failed to bring life into their eyes. This art course has taught me the necessary techniques to sharpen my skills. I used the techniques to sketch my neighbor’s Labrador and now other people want me to sketch their pets.

  3. I just love drawing animals so much more than people haha But still every one has its own character. And the amazing program helps you show that as well.

  4. People always say that with such a name I have to be an artist haha
    But I never was good at drawing animals… Until now! 😉

  5. Simple steps about the basic techniques of drawing animals from photographs.All you have to do is practice, be exact, and follow the right steps.Simple steps about the basic techniques of drawing animals from photographs.All you have to do is practice, be exact, and follow the right steps.

  6. This guide helps you with a lot more than you expect at first, it is simple to follow and easy to learn techniques. Of course, you need practice but the methods described are really good.

  7. Colleen D. Schultz

    Wow. I have never felt myself stronger and capable than now. I have acquired the kind of skills that i have always been looking for. I now believe that i will be able to provide people with the best animal portraits ever/

  8. Gordon Wilkerson

    The tips and techniques included in the book are just amazing! Whenever I try drawing an animal portrait, the book teaches me how to be perfect.

  9. This is a book that will show you how you can draw and that is something that not a lot of people can do. This one is promising to make an artist out of anyone and that is a bold claim that will have to prove itself so that it can be believed.

  10. I simply filled in the sketch with paint according to my computer-generated instructions. I highly recommend you check out. This book can help you hone your skills and make art that captures the spirit of each animal.

  11. Gary Kimball

    The pictures and instructions are good, but if your expecting a mark by mark instructional, you probably need to purchase a video. Personally, I really like the book, but I’m a novice, not a beginner. Having said that, my niece is a beginner and she loves the book too.

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