How to Build An Aviary Review: Can You Build Yours In Just One Day?


If you love to keep birds as pets, it is important for you to know what an Aviary is. Simply put, an Aviary is a large cage for a bird. Unlike conventional cages, an aviary a lot bigger. It is supposed to be big enough for birds to be able to fly inside.

How to Build An Aviary

Some aviaries even contain a number of different plants, bushes, and smaller birdhouses inside. This is done to ensure that the birds get the most favorable living environment, for a healthy life.

How to Build An Aviary

Nowadays, most bird lovers prefer to use aviaries over conventional cages simply because of their love and concern for the birds. After all, your pet lover would want to see a pet confined in a small space for life. That is simply not fair to the bird after all.

So in this case, an aviary is the best option as it would allow a bird lover to keep the pet birds without taking away their freedom to fly.

There is a range of different aviaries out there in the market, all coming in various different sizes and shapes. Some are smaller, while others are larger in structure. However, they tend to be quite expensive!

How to Build An Aviary

A single ready-made aviary can cost you up to $2500, while this price is still associated with the lower-end aviaries. Any good quality aviary having a larger size would go far up to the higher end.

Well, even if you choose to go for a disassembled aviary, you will still have to face a hefty cost of material. Moreover, you will have to spend a great deal of energy in assembling it up anyway. This in a way, turns out to be quite a bad investment.

After surfing the internet, I came to realize that it is rather possible for you to build an aviary yourself! Yes, you read that right.

The biggest benefit of being able to build an aviary yourself is that you will be able to save hundreds or even up to as much as a thousand dollars. All you will need is the right skills, and guidance to do it.

In that regard, I came across the ‘How to Build An Aviary’ program. After reading customer reviews, I came to the conclusion that indeed this program is one of the best ones out there in the market.

So in other words, this book is your one-stop solution if you want to build your beloved birds an aviary yourself. And I’ll be giving you all the reason to why this is true, in this review.

What is “How to Build An Aviary’ program?

It is more like a guide that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build an aviary. This guide is made to ensure that you are able to build one in minimum cost. And the surprising part is that if you follow this guide, you will be able to create an aviary within a single day!

Now you might be thinking that this book will allow you to build only a single type of aviary with a fixed shape and size right? Well, that is not true. In fact, this guide covers a wide range of aviary designs and shapes.

Furthermore, it teaches you how to build an indoor aviary, as well as an outdoor one.

The author of this guide, Jack Taylor is quite an experienced person. He has been building aviaries for many years, leaving him as one of the most skilled people in his area of expertise. Hence, you can safely trust this guide and save yourself a great deal of money.

How to Build An Aviary What is “How to Build An Aviary’ program?

How to Build An Aviary

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What is included in this guide?

Well, this guide comes in the form of a downloadable book. It consists of somewhat more than a hundred pages of great visual quality. Each and every single page in this book is rich with valuable information.
The guide covers approximately +20 different aviary designs, explained with illustrations and easy to follow steps. This makes it one of the most effective guides out there in the market.

Furthermore, the guide covers the topics mentioned below:
• Where to find the essential aviary building materials from?
• The most common mistakes while building an aviary
• Giving your birds essential protection from weather conditions, and predators
• How to breed birds properly?
• Choosing the perfect spot for your aviary with ambient sunlight, and sufficient shade
• How to allow ventilation in the aviary
• Building smaller birdhouses within the aviary
• How to turn an old house room into an indoor bird room?
• How to figure out the number of birds you can allow in a single aviary
• Keeping the aviary clean and ensuring proper sanitation
• What type of food to give to your birds?
• How to build nesting boxes to place within an aviary?
• Installing bird-proof wires

What benefits do you get if you buy this guide?

One can say that this book is written for the dummies and beginners. So you do not really need any past experience in carpentry or any other skill for that matter.

Unlike other books on the market, this guide does not assume that the reader has all the preliminary basic knowledge about birds and aviaries. Hence, it takes you into great detail which makes it perfect for even the absolute beginners.

Well, apart from rich text this guide also contains visually stunning and clear illustrations. This just makes every two times easier.

Moreover, the readability of this guide is really good. This is because every instruction is given in the forming of easy to follow step.

Most importantly, this books allows its readers to save a great deal of money! The overall cost of building an aviary reduces by almost 70% if one follows this guide.

This guide will tell you how to complete the task with the most basic of all tools and materials.

The types of aviary that this book covers are meant for a wide species of birds such as lovebirds, budgies, parrots, macaws, quails, and doves. Hence, there is no room for confusion.

How to Build An Aviary

Indeed, the satisfaction that one can get by building an aviary for the beloved pet birds is unique in itself. Only those involved in such craftsmanship know it. Well, by following this you can also experience that feeling.

Features of this book:

Cheap Materials Guide

This book literally takes away the pain of having to buy expensive material from the market. Instead, it teaches its readers how to make an aviary using the most easily available tools and material out there. Even if you end up having to buy some material, I can assure you that it will be really cheap in comparison to buying a disassembled aviary from the factory.

Well, as a bonus this book also includes some great tips on how to acquire a good amount of the required material for free. Does any other aviary guide provide that? I guess not!

Species Compatibility Guide

As I mentioned before, this book is written for the absolute beginners out there. So it does consider one very important question that is “What species are compatible with each other in an aviary”?

 How to Build An Aviary Species Compatibility Guide

If you have taken care of multiple birds in the past, you would definitely know that not all species of birds can live together. Bird owners who have done breeding will have a better idea of this. So that is yet another feature of this rich book.

Bird Rooms Guide

Well, in case you have an empty unused room in your house it could be brought to a great use. You could build your very own bird room out of it.

This book also contains essential information on how to build your own bird room in an efficient way. This includes information on flooring and the entire structure including temperature conditions and lighting conditions.

Cage Making Guide

Even though aviaries should always be preferred for birds, as they promote a healthier lifestyle, cages and nest houses are still sometimes required.

Essentially, owners keep birds in cages for a limited time period either for traveling purposes or breeding purposes. However, it is important to let them back in the aviary later on.

 How to Build An Aviary

Nevertheless, for situations where you might need a cage, this book offers a step-by-step guide on constructing your own bird cage.


Apart from the downloadable book, this entire package also includes a membership on the website. This means that you will get all future updates for free, without having to face hidden charges.

Testimonials from the readers

Fred: I followed your advice and now I have my very own aviary! I have to admit I did get stuck a few times, but your guide managed to clear things up.

Tim: I’d read another book before, but it was just too confusing so I was glad your guide provided me with the right information.

Emily: Before reading your book I didn’t have the confidence to start, but I now know I’m capable of this and more.

Our final score for the ‘How to Build An Aviary’

Indeed, ‘How to Build An Aviary’ is an extremely helpful guide. At least, this is what I have been able to conclude after surfing across numerous customer reviews over the internet. So after analyzing it all, I can safely give it a score of 9.5/10 which is an exceptional one!

 How to Build An Aviary

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4.6/5 - (16 votes)


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  • Wow. I did this within a single week and my neighbors were wondering how i could do this within such a short time by myself. They did not know that i had a secret. This guide is providing you with tips you have never seen. I have found the whole program easy to use and understand. Every step is well explained and the author uses a simple language that everyone can understand. And it is obviously affordable.

  • How To Build An Aviary. Reviews will tell you, in the eBook are clear step by step plans and all the necessary information in ensuring you get to know how to construct an aviary. Not any aviary for that matter, but one that is very attractive and built easily, in a record fast time and also in an inexpensive way.

  • The product comes as a guide that is practical for the people that would wish to establish an aviary of their own. The program is a creation of Jack Taylor, a professional builder of aviaries whose wish is to share the experience he has in the business of aviary building with you. Inside the book, basic techniques and steps are revealed together with instructions that are detailed on completion of an aviary in a matter of one weekend.

  • An aviary, also known as flight cages is a large enclosure meant for confining birds. However, unlike cages, aviaries are bigger and have much larger living space for the birds, allowing them to fly. With some aviaries containing plants and bushes, the aim is to simulate as natural an environment for the birds as possible.

  • Usually an outdoor aviary is big enough to be a walk-in aviary, so you can sit inside with your birds. This may not be the case with an indoor aviary.

  • Inside the book, basic techniques and steps are revealed together with instructions that are detailed on completion of an aviary in a matter of one weekend. Get started without requiring any skills.

  • Placing the birds away from your neighbors as they can be noisy. Noise barriers such as trees and bushes may be required.

  • Positioning the aviary away from any noisy mechanical devices such as air vents and air conditioning units.Disabling any night time lights and motion detectors that will disrupt the bird’s sleep.

  • Included in the book are designs and plans for the construction of not only indoor but also outdoor aviaries together with bird rooms for a variety of birds such as the likes of African Greys, Macaws, Parakeets, Lories and Lorikeets, Doves, Love Birds, Cockatoos, Quails among many others.

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