Guitar Theory Revolution Review: Are You Starting A Guitar Revolution?

improve your performance skills with this amazing theory course

We all want to become better musicians, better guitar players, but very few of us are willing to put the work in it and make the magic happened.

I was like that in the beginning, I had been playing guitar for a while, got myself into some lessons here and there, managed to acquire a certain level of skill and do some freelance jobs.

However, as things started getting more and more professional, I started to find myself cornered with all these musicians that had a great skill level and theory knowledge level.

The fear of them finding out about my ignorance was slowly killing me, I knew I needed to do something, and Guitar Theory Revolution was the solution for me.

That is why I am writing this review. I think more people need to know about the different ways that they can become good, and actually be it!

My results

  • Faster comprehension of music theory FOR GUITAR
  • Great adaptation of my “rogue” skills
  • More jobs!
  • My technique got better
  • Rapid progress

It was amazing! I could feel how my brain would rewire and connect all the things that I intrinsically knew but didn’t know how to say or do, and everything was there.

But let me tell you how I started

Guitar Theory Revolution

Becoming a pro

Like many of us, I was in a band for a long time, playing here and there, getting gigs, and actually doing pretty well, but I wanted more. These guys were more focused on the lifestyle and the fun, while I really wanted to be a musician.

I got serious about my art but also wanted to make money, so I started taking freelance opportunities, not only playing in concerts or for recording artists, but also in other fields like musicalizing stuff, etc.

One day, I was called to this amazing job playing with a live orchestra and that’s when I faced my worst fears. They were basically speaking in tongues and I was not ready.

Taking it further

I mean, of course, I caught most of the stuff, but still, everything was so different. However, I was not going to be left behind and I decided to get myself to that level.

I already had the technical skills developed, I had a solid base and great adaptation. I am not one of those close-minded musicians that think they have it all figured out. But I knew I was good, but good was not great.

So, the steps I took were:

  • Jump online looking for resources
  • Ask my friends
  • Ask my teachers
  • Buy some books
  • Watch some YouTube tutorials

Sounds familiar? You know what happened.

Guitar Theory Revolution

Now what?

Well, although I was learning a lot, it was at a higher cost than I imagined and it would eventually lead to a mental block.

I had plateaued so bad, I mean, I had “the basics” set, but then:

  • I was swimming in piles of material
  • I didn’t know where to go
  • I spent lots of time researching
  • Spent more time putting things together

It was just too much. I knew what I wanted to achieve, I knew what my measures of success would be, but I didn’t know how to get there. All this material I had bought or seen was good, but they either wanted me to keep buying and buying or where little all over the place, like me.

So there I was, surrounded by otherwise great material, but completely without direction.

Guitar Theory Revolution

In reality, finding this amazing method was happenstance. Remember that I told you I had all these piles of information, books, etc. Well, Guitar Theory Revolution was one of the products I had decided to buy and try with.

The first thing that really hooked me up is the progression of the program and how well structured is.

From the beginning to the end, things are clearly outlined and explained, there are clear challenges and measures of success, so then you know when you “get there”.

One thing that Neil does amazing in the way he created all the material for Guitar Theory Revolution, is that he breaks out of the piano point of view, and rather builds somethings completely focused on the guitar.

This is important because being that the piano is “the mother of all instruments” or so some people say. Most theory is deeply focused and actually taught through the piano. Neil manages to break out of that paradigm.

Guitar Theory Revolution

Why do I recommend it?

If you are really serious about improving your skills and actually do the job that it takes, then this is a piece of art.

Here’s the thing, we humans are motivated by small “gains” or triumphs. If we put so much effort into one thing but we don’t get to see the progress, then we become frustrated.

The highly technical material focuses completely on the music but forgets the musician. Neil focuses on the musician and manages to create a bridge.

I recommend it because:

  • It’s very clever
  • So well thought out
  • Well designed
  • Affordable
  • Guitarist oriented
  • Will save you tons of time
  • Will save you tons of money

Guitar Theory Revolution

If You’re Ready To Join The Guitar Theory Revolution, Click This Link And Start Massively Improving Your Guitar Skills Today!

How does it work?

The method consists of different resources:

  • Books
  • Videos
  • Video diagrams
  • MP3s

Now, don’t panic, it is like this but everything is well connected and there’s a map that will guide you through all the materials

Through the books, you will get the explanations and introduction to the theory. Then, with the videos and the audios, you get to practice and see how the theory applies to the technique.

The guide connects all the material and makes it easy to follow.

Then, the way how classical guitar, modern guitar, the notation, the reading, everything comes in place and it becomes clear.

Guitar Theory Revolution

Measuring progress

Now, my mind was being happy receiving all this well-defined information. It was easy to absorb and follow but I had to develop a sense of progress.

Through the different challenges that the guide takes you through, you understand your progress. Now, remember, this is about music theory, so maybe you can get the exercises fast because you are already skilled, but playing the following technical knowledge makes it so much different.

Every time I knew how to proceed, how to read, to play, to connect, to follow, everything started making more and more sense.

My real measure of progress was that, as I would look back into all the things I used to play or do, I could then understand better, deeper, and it was extremely satisfying,

This is how I knew I was moving forward.

The long run

Some months after I finished and I felt more confident. I started to notice more critical differences:

  • I was able to relate better to other musicians
  • I would catch up faster
  • People would call me for jobs
  • I was able to deliver faster
  • My suggestions became more accepted
  • My style was more adaptable
  • I would learn faster

These were the real benefits for me. Not only did I grow in my knowledge of theory for guitar, but also I grew in social skills and professionalism.

Being able to relate to others better opens many doors, but once you are in, you need to deliver.

Thanks to the skills and knowledge obtained with Guitar Theory Revolution, I then was able to deliver better.

Little by little my professional opportunities started growing, and I was at the level of the challenge.

Moving on

I completed, and mastered, Guitar Theory Revolution in around 8 months. After that, I also found that another benefit has to do with independence.

You know, some of the other methods are always coming up with new things, or have infinite amounts of volumes and books, and it just turns into a revolving door of marketing.

Once you buy Neil’s method, you are set and off to a fast start. After you have learned what you had to learn, then you can take this knowledge, fusion it with your musical activity, and it blends so smoothly.

Pieces come together, and there is no need to come back later. So you become independent, a better musician, and better professional.

It has been to such extent that I can now help others, and this gives me great satisfaction.

Guitar Theory Revolution

Is this for you?

Well, it depends, if you want:

  • Easy hacks to guitar playing
  • Be the heart of the party playing for everyone
  • Play the biggest hits
  • Master the basic progressions and harmonies

Then, NO!

Why? Because this is for people that are actually serious and are looking to become BETTER musicians. If the above-mentioned goals are yours, then it most likely means you are a beginner.

Of course, you can benefit highly from this, but only if you are serious about guitar.

On the other hand, if you want to climb a step higher on your guitar skills, and you feel that maybe the theory is the thing that is holding you back, then THIS is the best tool.

Then, after this, you can easily jump to the next step, better prepared.

Guitar Theory Revolution

Click Here To Get E-Guitar Theory Revolution Today And You’ll Be Improving Your Guitar Skills Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!

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