Greenhouse: The Perfect Ecosystem

Greenhouses are always regarded as the future of the world because of the controlled environment that is characteristic of them. This makes them the perfect man-made farms that you can see anywhere because of the applications and the way that they work.

A greenhouse has many applications and you are only limited by your creativity as was shown by one family in Sweden. They have taken the concept of greenhouse to a whole new level. The factor of invention in this one is not the ‘oh-wow-i-didn’t-see-that-coming’ but rather it’s more like ‘wonder-why-i-didn’t-think-of-that’.

The Stockholm Glass Palace Christened Naturhus (Nature House)


A family in Sweden decided to build a glass palace that would give them food and heat for the winter and they actually succeeded in making the house an amazing piece of simple technology and art.

The owners of this house Charles Sacilotto and Marie Grammar, (yes, grammar is a person’s name), managed to hide from the cold winters that are experienced by Stockholm and they made a food source that cannot be rivaled.

Charles was an engineer and his mentor Bengt Warne who is a Swedish eco-architect inspired this project.

The Design of the Glass House

This house was built at the price of 80,000 Euros but it has done more than just make up for the cost. The environmental and economic benefits are just awesome. The house is covered by the greenhouse which is made up of security glass that is 4mm thick.

These glass panes are safe because if they break, they just disintegrate into small pieces that will only sting but not cut if they fall on you. The sun will whine and grow the food around the house and the residual heat will make the house cozy and warm at night.

The Advantages of Living in a Glass Palace


In Sweden, the winters can be really mean especially if you want to grow anything. That is why this house is so beneficial because you can keep on farming any time of the year. They currently have several foods grown in there like:

  • Figs
  • Tomatoes
  • Grapes
  • Cucumbers
  • Herbs

These would not normally grow during the winters and they can have veggies and fruits anytime they want. Because these plants purify the air, it’s really beneficial to live in this wonderful house.



They also collect rainwater which is used to drink and then water the plants plus run other stuff in the house. It’s very economical there. In addition, our genius engineer built himself a sewage system with a compositor that provides good organic fertilizer for his farm.

That created a small eco-system where the plants are always fertilized and recycle in on each other and will be stuck in that loop for a long time.

In conclusion– This is a very brilliant idea and the applications are as you can see, very beneficial. This way, you get, a futuristic house, food in winter and warmth.

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  • Great info. Now I need to organise a skype call with the grandparents to explain the idea to them. Thanks.

  • OK, I’ve followed your advice for some weeks now, and I can’t believe how right you were! Granted, it hasn’t been easy, especially leaving my comfort zone, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all this with everyone, it is really useful!

  • I am a lady who loves all the farming related activities for sure. They do excite me alot and is something that I always look forward to for sure. So this whole notion on the greenhouse is just more than amazing for sure. Let me keep learning the tips.

  • Any grower can become proficient at this type of biological management when treating the greenhouse as an ecosystem. The key is to let nature be your guide.

  • Any grower can become proficient at this type of biological management when treating the greenhouse as an ecosystem. The key is to let nature be your guide. An ecosystem is a community of living organisms interacting with each other and their non-living environment.

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