I am a working woman with two children. I and my husband have an eight hours day time jobs. So, taking care of children and home demands a lot.  Although we try to keep our home as hygienic as possible but from past one year, stuff in our house is getting added like crazy.

We even shifted to a bigger house with better storage but it didn’t help much. Even after spending weekends on decluttering, by the end of the week, I was back to square one with clutter and mess around me. This was taking a toll on my personal and family life as well. I was desperately looking for some help.

Suddenly, while surfing solutions for this online, I got to know about the book: Goodbye Clutter by Maria Gracia. Here’s my review of the book.

GoodBye Clutter Book cover

Why we need strict action for Clutter?

Clutter is not supposed to be taken a casual term for a mess. If you realize carefully and I quote the author here:  “Clutter” is such a small word but it is an arduous journey and colossal challenge, multiplying exponentially in our environments, our space, our home and spilled over into every aspect of our lives”. It becomes worse by time as clutter starts growing automatically. In other words. Clutter attracts and breeds more clutter.

As I realized from the book, that clutter has negative effects on us more than we realize:

  • When you are surrounded by mess and clutter, the stress hormone known as cortisol, rises in your bloodstream. As we know, stress is a huge concern in our lives today. Your home should be the zen area place, not the one which gives you stress.
  • We won’t realize it early but in a cluttered place, you waste so much of time and effort trying to find misplaced things. This energy could be used in some productive work.
  • Unhygienic living intensifies disturbed emotions. It can cause fatigue, frustration, and depression.
  • You may feel embarrassed or shy when your friends and family point out the disorderliness and they won’t feel like visiting you any longer. Making others feel uncomfortable instead of welcoming is a big issue.
  • If we don’t start cleaning or organizing, clutter will keep on adding. It is not a problem that heals itself with time.
  • Clutter can cause serious health consequences. The disorganized surroundings can lead an unhealthy state of mind which can aggravate to serious illness.
  • This habit of disorganization can be cultivated in your family which is definitely not a good trait to pass on.

What is the solution?

In today’s fast-paced life, we don’t have time to experiment. Only a proven-effective clutter removing system can get rid of this problem. And will help us to remove dishevelment and give us a clean life we deserve. We cannot let this problem to rob our peace, time and energy.

Goodbye Clutter overview

Goodbye clutter is an unconventional online program carefully designed for us having a modern lifestyle- be it men or women.  It is a functional guidebook for solving clutter challenges in our lives.

In ever progressive lifestyles of ours, we have technology help all around us to make our lives easier. But somehow, endless clusters of various aspects of our lives have started accumulating around us. The advanced modern lifestyle is not bringing the expected peace and fun.

In this rash paced existence, life ‘needs to’ get organized. Many people like I were before, find their lives in chaos and are unable to sort or escape the messy piles of stuff lying around.

As high spotted above, how and why clutter damages our happy lives, Maria Gracia also explains how clutter-free life can shed all the ill-effects and make up for the above mentioned negative points.

When we get rid of wringing clutter, our lives take a never-seen-before turn. One can feel more space, changed and positive mindset, improved relationships, healthy living, time and money, and a happy home. You can cultivate the best spirits of mind and body.

How does GoodBye Clutter help?

Maria Gracia assures that we can phase out the clutter problem easily and permanently if we follow a proven-effective system. To start with the solutions, she has divided the clutter into four types: Physical clutter, Paper clutter, Digital clutter, and Emotional Clutter

Each one has its own eradication system and methodology.

The Proven-effective system which according to her is the cure of problems is her secret system called S.T.A.R SYSTEM. As per Maria Gracia, she has worked on perfecting this system for 20 years. Learning this system adds to your personal knowledge base and gives an internal power to eliminate unnecessary stuff and mess from your lives.

With this approach anyone, even procrastinators can start eliminating mess from their lives immediately. You can also get your family to help.

If you’re committed to bringing a change and a stress-free life, then following this system which addresses all FOUR types of clutter could be a big help.

Maria has designed the STAR system in for modules:

Good Bye Clutter Star System

In Module 1 of Goodbye Clutter, it has everything you need to know about how to remove Physical Clutter forever and as fast as possible. This module is a 193-page resource with 30 chapters which screens every room and nook of your home and gives you the specific steps to remove clutter quickly, easily and most importantly, permanently

In Module 2 which is Goodbye Paper Clutter, Maria makes us understand “10 typical types of paper” in a house. It explains a potent process to get rid of the paper clutter. It will make you identify the unwanted paper collections and say goodbye quickly for good. After following her advised unique S.T.A.R. System, once the paper clutter problem is gone, it will be gone forever.

In Module 3, Goodbye Digital Clutter explains the “10 typical types of digital clutter,” – email, computer files, etc. This module will suggest sound ideas for removing the digital clutter. Few recommendations from S.T.A.R system will add ideas to get rid of it once and for all.

Module 4 Goodbye Emotional Clutter, the author makes a list of “10 typical types of emotional clutter” that an average person confronts each day. Few pages in this module provide you with concepts and steps for slaying the undesirable feelings which act as clutter in your life. It is a good read to keep a smoother life run.

Say Bye Bye To Clutter For Good When You Fix The 4 Key Areas That Cause It – Click This Link And Grab Goodbye Clutter Today To Get Started!

How ‘GoodBye Clutter’ helped me?

In my review, this book is a life and time saver. As soon as I bought it online, e-book material was sent to me instantly.  This program has really helped me to declutter every room in my house really easy, fast and stress-free. The ideas are so easy to understand and apply. The mentioned actions and techniques started working. In fact, after looking at the results, I started sharing the same with my friends and family folks. I followed the steps in Goodbye Clutter and started noticing a significant reduction in long collected clutter almost immediately.

I chose types of clutter based on my personal preferences and started with the program steps. Before I read this book, I couldn’t stick with decluttering goals but this one didn’t only benefit me with ideas but also made it fun and energizing exercise.


I could sort and clean overloaded kitchen cabinets, my kids playing room, basement, and garage. Finally, I was able to bid farewell to my old magazines, books, and catalogs which were overburdening my house from past 6 years. My house, my mind, and vibes around me feel so fresh and clean now. It gave so many creative storage ideas that didn’t strike your mind even once.

In my office work too, it has shown positive effects. My inbox is not overflowing with emails even if I take a day off. My car was a mess a few weeks ago. I can bet it is the most organized vehicle in the town right now.

I can feel more confidence and happiness within myself. Finally, my weekends are not about my panic and anxiety control after looking at the house as a mare’s nest. I and my husband can spend quality time with each other and kids. The dream is now a reality!

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What comes in the package?

Package Bonus

If you buy the online program of GoodBye Clutter by Maria Gracia, in addition to the reading material, you will get 6 bonus materials for free.

BONUS 1: Clear the Clutter: 150 Things You Should Throw Out Right Now by Maria Gracia

Bonus2:10 Jump-Start Decluttering Projects

Bonus3: One Day Declutter Mission

Bonus4: “Goodbye Clutter” Inspiration Cards

Bonus5: “Goodbye Clutter” Daily Motivational Quotations

Bonus6: Lifetime “Goodbye Clutter”


  • The system provides a great help book to live a better lifestyle.
  • The tips of the S.T.A.R. SYSTEM are actually effective and easy to follow.
  • The objective of the system is not only for physical and tangible clutter. It believes in a holistic approach to eliminating negative vibes.
  • The product is available with a full cashback policy.


  • The ideas won’t suit for a larger home to organize thoroughly in a go.
  • The methods are suitable for people with small spaces.
  • The program doesn’t consider that kids will always have new toys or activities that come in and out depending on different stages of their growth.

 Money-back Guarantee

Good Bye Clutter Guarantee

The writer has so much confidence in the value of program and strategies that it comes with a 60-day guarantee program. If for any reason you don’t have good reviews about “Goodbye Clutter” program or you feel it isn’t for you, just send an email to Maria Gracia. Within the next 60 days, the money will be refunded with no questions asked! Absolutely NO Risk!

I believe what the author has mentioned:

When You Remove Clutter from Your Life, You Also Remove a Big Contributor to Stress in Your Life.

Clutter causes stress and there is definitely no arguable reason to put up with it. Tidy and clean surroundings will automatically start gathering sincere compliments from others. Now no more robbing of precious time when looking for lost items. Say goodbye to clutter and make the quality of life and time ours again, the way we like.

You Can Click This Link To Say Goodbye Clutter, And Finally Learn How You Can Take Care Of All The Problem Areas That Cause It – For Good!


  1. OK, I’ve followed your advice for some weeks now, and I can’t believe how right you were! Granted, it hasn’t been easy, especially leaving my comfort zone, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all this with everyone, it is really useful!

  2. I have a really busy routine which meant that I wasn’t able to pay more time on my home. But this book taught me so many ways I can clean my home efficiently and smartly. Amazing how these things help us and we continue to ignore it.

  3. My house looks different now with so little effort. I am happy that I found you. I confirm that this guide is incredibly useful.

  4. Christopher Norman

    This is a system that is going to address all the four clutter will certainly be very helpful.

  5. Brandon Barton

    My wife and I have five children, three dogs, two cats and two birds. How house constantly looks like a tornado has hit. I bought this book for my wife and I so that we could learn the best and quickest way to keep our house in order. The book is full of useful tips. It’s going to take us a little time to get our house in order but this book has put us on the right track.

  6. Christopher Norman

    The dangers of living in a messy surrounding has been highlighted above and certainly, you do not require to go through reviews to realize a tidy place is much comfy to be in than a messy one.

  7. It’s in a very easily readable format and is quickly and readily understood and mastered by anyone with even a 4th grade reading level.Clutter can result in major health consequences. Such surroundings that are disorganized can cause a state of mind that is nit healthy aggravating to serious illness.

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