Student life can be very challenging as many students find it difficult to strike a perfect balance between studies and social life.

Every student aspires to excel in academics by working hard. But it is simply impossible to dedicate the entire time to studies and academic work. Moreover, it is undesirable to spend less time on leisure activities.

Last-minute cramming sessions have always been stressful and they will continue to create panic and anxiety amongst nervous students. ‘Get the Best Grades’, a powerful speed-learning book, has brought a ray of hope to millions of students who wish to improve their grades while achieving a perfect work-life balance. The following sections will give a detailed review of the book that has turned around the lives of many students and professionals.

The following sections will give a detailed review of the book that has turned around the lives of many students and professionals.

Getting Better Grades Now

Students will no longer be required to spend sleepless nights on improving their grades. This is because ‘Get the Best Grades’  will help them to increase their learning speed in a very short period of time.  Titled as

Titled as ‘Get the Best Grades with the Least Amount of Effort’, the popular book unveils the secret techniques and strategies required to master any skill or subject in a very short span of time.  This book appears as a perfect solution to help those  who are struggling to get good grades

Who is this book for?

The book is for all the students who have come to realize that the key to achieving academic success lies in studying smartly rather than slogging through hours. These are the students who are urgently seeking out new ways and techniques to speed up their learning and studying rate.

The man behind the book

Dr. Marc Dussault, a leading learning expert, is the author of the book which is commercially available as an eBook and an audiobook. The author is also the leading force behind other successful video programs like ‘Speed Reading’, ‘Speed Learning’ and ‘How to MindMap to Get Better Grades’.

He has recommended six powerful methods and seven studying shortcuts. All these strategies have proved helpful in acing the exams.  He believes that every person has the potential to be a genius and using his secret techniques will help to unleash the true genius within you.

What makes the book so special?

Every student has a different learning style. Hence, appropriate techniques need to be imparted to transform every student into an effective speed-learner. Most of the one-size-fits-all strategies discussed in other speed-learning books fail to take into account a student’s individual learning style.

This is the only unique book that offers techniques which suit various learning styles of different students.  The techniques cater to the needs of every learner in such a way that every student who reads ‘Get the Best Grades’ will enjoy going to school.

The book also has a 1-page cheat sheet that will help students to achieve high scores while taking an essay test or while answering multiple-choice questions.

Key Benefits

The profound benefits offered by the book can be reaped by any student who wishes to achieve excellence without studying for long hours. The book can be considered as a special workbook that encourages readers to study in a smarter way. It encourages students to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Gone will be the days when students used to heavily rely on school counselors and mentors for scoring good grades. The speed-study techniques mentioned in the book will enable even average students to fare better and get the best grades by overcoming their stressful study habits.

Ultimately, the book helps every student to maximize results and build a solid foundation for a successful career.

Why the book proves to be a life-changing book?

Students getting low grades are usually criticized for being dumb. They are constantly compared with other students who have scored better grades.

Low test scores not only hamper career growth but also damage the student’s self-esteem in a devastating way.  What separates the genius from a dumb student is the ability to study complex subjects in a smart way.

Realizing this fact, Dr. Marc Dussault has come up with unique and fully-tested study techniques that will enable every student to become a genius. Even high-ranking students are relying on ‘Get the Best Grades’ to excel further and do better to move upwards.

The proven strategies will boost a student’s confidence and help him to embark on a journey of never-ending success.

What are the techniques?

The study techniques shared in the book are mainly based on the principles of time management as well as the concepts of learning psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Moreover, the knowledge has been personally acquired by Dr. Marc Dussault over the course of his long career.  The techniques were developed by reading more than 300 books, attending seminars and interacting with expert professionals.

Customer testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials

The tried and tested system mentioned in the book has won accolades from a large number of customers. Students using the system have managed to do well in exams but also managed to complete their academic courses well in advance.  The early completion of the courses managed them to earn much earlier than their peers.

The book has also helped senior citizens who returned to college to pursue academic degrees.  The book has proved to be a valuable asset to professionals like pastry chefs who could master a large number of recipes in a short span of time.

Positive reviews by businessmen clearly credit the author for helping them to gain an edge over their competitors.

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Book Translations

The book has benefited students from over 29 countries.  It has already been translated in three languages for helping the global student community. The translation was done by successful students who relied on the book to excel in their studies.

Positive reviews have encouraged these students to go an extra mile and translate the books in their respective native languages so that they can share the secrets with them.  The book has been translated into French, Romanian and Chinese. ‘Get The Best Grades’ will be soon available in Polish.


Dr. Marc Dussault's testimonial

The author’s very own testimonial

Dr. Marc Dussault has himself immensely benefited from the techniques and strategies that he had learned over a period of 20 years.

In fact, he used his ideas to complete a 4-year engineering degree in just 3 years and a typical one-year doctorate degree in just 3 months. He also successfully applied the techniques to scale up his business and also help his clients.

More particularly, the speed-study techniques helped him to formulate exponential marketing strategies for improving sales and achieving 50% business growth. He also used secret techniques to develop his sports skills and become an A-class squash player.

Money-back guarantee

Global corporations recognize Dr. Marc Dussault as a successful business coach and mentor who has been the owner of multiple companies that operate in three continents. He is confident about his proven techniques and that’s why the book is being sold with 100% money-back guarantee’.

The author asserts that the cost is nothing as compared to the immense value of the secrets and strategies shared within the book. The entire book price will be refunded to the customers who find the strategies ineffective.

Overall, students relying on the book have credited the book to be life-changing. Ultimately, it has helped them to improve their focus and confidence.

Ordering the Book

The book can be ordered and downloaded by visiting the product website. Customers have eight weeks to try and review the book after buying and downloading it from the website. The online ordering process is entirely secure and Clickbank overlooks the entire transaction.

Clickbank is regarded as a  leader in global e-commerce. Clickbank ensures that customers from more than 100 countries can securely buy and make payment using their credit card or Paypal account.  Customers who buy ‘Get The Best Grades’ are also entitled to additional bonuses.

These bonus offers will surely prove to be an icing on the cake.

Bonus Materials

Along with the book, comes the following bonus material:

  • Access to a 61-minute Speed Learning video that features advanced strategies for learning quickly and effortlessly.

Customers who buy the book will be given access to a five-minute video. The video is about five key strategies that will help students and professionals to overcome panic before taking a quiz or an exam for which they are not well-prepared.

The stress-busting strategy is based on a five-point checklist. These five areas ensure that the panic-struck student overcomes his anxiety regarding the quiz or exam.

  • A limited-time bonus offer for customers who buy the book in a limited time period. 

As a part of the offer, customers can access an A4/8.5×11″ sheet that contains all the tips and techniques shared in the book. The A4 sheet will serve as a ready reckoner that helps to remember the contents of the entire book.

  •  The limited-time bonus also includes 10 colored mind maps. 

This is in addition to the A4-sized summary sheet.  The mind maps are based on each of the ten chapters of the book. Customers will receive a full-colored mind map of a single chapter each week over a 10-week period.

Every mind map will be an easy-to-remember visual design of the strategy that is discussed in a chapter.

Contacting the author

In case of queries, you can contact the support staff at the email mentioned on the product website. All queries will be answered within 48 hours. You can also directly write to the author by posting your query on his personal blog.

In this way,  you will be getting the required guidance from the esteemed author himself. The author maintains a personal blog for sharing brain scratching riddles, logic puzzles,  learning techniques and tips for improving memory.

Further Steps

Referring ‘Get The Best Grades’ is the first basic step to unlocking your true potential.   Mastering the techniques will further help you to collaborate with other high achievers to scale to greater heights in life.

As a matter of fact, people benefiting from the book can progress on to take Dr. Dussault’s ‘Study MasterMind’ program. This program teaches students the collaborative group techniques followed by successful corporate leaders.

These tried and tested techniques enable students to gain knowledge more quickly by teaming with other high-achievers.  Both the books and programs will help the reader to achieve success and wealth in an exponential manner.

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