Freedom Self Publishing Review: Make Big Money In Ebooks!

Nowadays, people rarely read physical books at all. Instead, E-books are far more common. There are plenty of reasons for this.

Firstly, it is far easy to read e-books straight out of your phones rather than having to carry the weight of physical books along with you.

Freedom Self Publishing

Moreover, you can carry a greater number of books digitally with you as compared to carrying them physically. This has made e-books extremely popular among readers.

Hence nowadays, writers like you and I often experience that e-books can help us reach a wider number of audience as compared to conventional hardcover books. Hence, the world of e-book writing is full of possibilities and profit.

Freedom Self Publishing

On the internet, you must have seen plenty of platforms where you can sell your e-books. Consider Amazon Kindle for instance. This platform is among the most popular ones where indie writers can sell their written pieces and earn a huge deal of money out of it.

However, considering the competition, hitting the best-selling spot on Kindle is not simple. Usually, only the most experienced sellers are able to cash a living out of it. Nevertheless, getting rich through selling an e-book is indeed possible and I will tell you how!

I myself have been a writer for more than a decade now, and just recently considered exploring the Kindle market. After several attempts at publishing various e-books, I failed at getting any profit at all.

One day, a friend of mine who had managed to earn a great fortune out of selling e-books on Kindle, introduced me to a program. This program could help writers in publishing e-books on Kindle in such a way, so as to make them sell for real.

Freedom Self Publishing

At first, I could not believe it, but then I experienced it working and bringing positive results to me myself. The name of the program was Freedom Self Publishing. Apparently, this program was not a scam unlike others on the internet.

As time passed, my e-book publishing began easier and my sales kept increasing until I hit the best-selling spot. Today, I’ve earned a great deal of money out of it. Enough to get me a new home!

So this program is what I’m writing this review about, after all, I can understand your frustration. This is because I myself have been in pretty much the same spot as you are

Who is the author of Freedom Self Publishing?

The author of this program is Adrian, who is not just another random program developer. Instead, Adrian carries immense experience in selling e-books online on Amazon Kindle.

Having spent a great amount of time in this field, and after a lot of profit, Adrian was able to figure out the strategies are always work. And all these strategies, along with guaranteed success tips are included in this program.

What is Freedom Self Publishing?

Long story short, this program allows you to publish your e-books on Kindle with great ease. It simplifies the entire process for you and also gives you tips on how to increase your sales.

The price that you may spend to buy this program can easily be recovered within a few days by successfully selling your e-books. Do not worry, as this program will tell you how to do that.

In the long run, you will be able to make a great deal of money for yourself and invest it into bigger career projects. This is exactly what I did. So if it could work for me, it can do wonders for you too!

This program contains a number of video tutorials that provide you proper understanding of all the content. Unlike other programs on the internet, this one makes things extremely easy and organizes them in scannable material.

Moreover, this program will also give you access to a private Facebook member’s group. It is more like a community of buyers and users of this program, who happen to be sellers just like you! By socializing with other sellers, you can learn a lot!

If you consider the customer reviews of this program, most of them will say that this program stands out as compared to the rest. And the reasons are obvious! This program does not contain fluff contain neither does it include any hidden charges.

Freedom Self Publishing

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In comparison, other programs happen to have secret charges that the buyer discovers only after getting the program. Having spent a sum of money already, the buyer of other programs is left with no choice but to spend a little more. Sadly, this is a common strategy among scammers.

A brief outline of the program

To give you a better picture of what’s included in this course, I’ve formed a brief outline for you.

The program takes users through these sections step by step:

Core Lesson Area

This part of the program can be considered as an introduction. It contains around 17 different videos that introduce you to the Kindle publishing platform. It teaches you all the basics, along with the benefits and also shares other relevant information to make your book successful on Amazon Kindle.

Freedom Self Publishing

Advanced Lesson Area

This is the second section, which contains around 19 different videos that are full of different proven techniques of publishing on Kindle. These tips are gathered around from successful publishers and those who have become rich from it. Hence, these tips happen to be guaranteed and extremely efficient.

Freedom Self Publishing - advanced lesson area

Virtual Assistant Training Area

In this section, you will come to know the importance of a virtual assistant in your Kindle publishing work. These virtual assistants can make your job 10 times easier, and they work for minimum wages. Just an option though, but a truly beneficial one.

Freedom Self Publishing - Virtual assistant training area

Through virtual assistants, you can publish a greater number of contents in a lesser amount of time. Hence, it will increase your sales and overall profit.

What can you learn from Freedom Self Publishing program?

To narrow things down a little bit, I’ve written down all the things that you will learn from this program in the form of bullet points below.

You will learn:

  • Ways of hiring freelancers and part-time writers for writing your e-book on minimum wages, and for great quality results.
  • You can also learn how to get a pre-written e-book for as less as $2.5
  • The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant, and how it makes your work passive hence increasing your sales.
  • You will learn ways of expanding your writing business, and how to make great profit.
  • You will also learn how to bag legitimate positive reviews on your e-books so that more people are convinced to get them.
  • It will teach you how to literally increase your profits by 2 times, simply by converting your e-book into physical books and audio-books.
  • Some efficient tactics for setting up prices, as explained by the most successful Kindle publishers.

Benefits of this program

  • The video content included in this program is of HD quality. Hence, you will have a wonderful time learning from the videos.
  • This program is extremely simple to use and offers step by step guidance. Hence, you can easily grasp all the information and concepts shared in this program.
  • This program is not a scam unlike others on the internet. I can assure you that you can make a great profit by following the valuable tips included in it.
  • It contains just enough detail and no fluff content. All the information included is valuable and effective.
  • This program gives you access to a member group on Facebook, which is a friendly community of Kindle publishers just like you!
  • Unlike other programs on the internet, this program offers you great customer support on the very Facebook group. In fact, you can contact the author directly through that group.
  • This program is well tested multiple times, and by me myself. Hence, I can assure you that it works 100% as it is based on facts and figures, not just general speculations.


Indeed, publishing e-books on Kindle are quite a complex task. In fact, it is nearly impossible for a person to do this without any guidance at all.

Most of the successful Kindle publishers that we see have usually taken tips and knowledge from other successful publishers. So this entire process is more of a ‘learn and perform’ situation.

In case you are having a hard time publishing your e-books to Kindle, just like many other people out there, this program is your only savior. It is your top solution for publishing and increasing your sales. Hence, it is a two in one package that covers just about everything related to Kindle e-book publishing.

Based on hundreds of customer reviews that you can find on the internet, this program works for every single person. I’m yet to find someone who has remained unsatisfied with this program. There is actually no single unhappy user of this program out there.

Screenshot of testimonials from users on product website

Considering the quality of this product, reliability, customer support, and effectiveness, I will personally give it a rating of 9.5/10 if I could.

Freedom Self Publishing

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4.9/5 - (16 votes)


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