Eliminate Potty Mouth Review: Stop Your Pooch from Eating His Poo

Eliminate Potty Mouth Review

Does your dog eat poop? Well, mine did but after reading a review on the Eliminate Potty Mouth was able to stop it once and for all. Before I let you into the details, may I tell you right from the onset that this is not a scam but a legitimate product that is subject to many positive reviews?

My pet embarrassing moment

I had never expected the kind of experience that I got from my pet. His name is Barry and was my first pet when I moved into my current residence.dog poop

He had picked a habit of eating his poop behind my back. That was awful! I was aghast. I had seen her licking my 10-month old daughter and had taken this as a friendly gesture. Little did I know that the same tongue had been licking poop! The repulsive image of the dog licking my daughter’s hands haunted me for days.

Food from a pet store

To help Barry stop taking his poop, I brought him some foodstuff from a pet store with the hope that the habit would stop. To my dismay, things only got worse. I thought this problem was unique to me but after reading lots of reviews found that there were many other parents with pets who went through the harrowing ordeal of seeing their pets eat poop.

Veterinary treatment

Out of desperation, I went to a veterinary clinic but I did not find the solution I expected to find. I did research on the cause of the problem and discovered that gut-imbalance causes potty mouth.

Little dachshund is having fear for the veterinarian

Apparently, the billions of micro-organisms which resided in the gut of Barry were responsible for his bizarre behavior. I checked on matters to do with dog health where I came across a condition known as coprophagia. The condition is characterized by animals eating own poop. The micro-organisms cause the problem when they spiral out of control.

Trying to fix the problem the dog’s way



Eliminate Potty Mouth product

I had read a review about it but I was not sure it would work. It was easy and more decent. I wanted to help Barry eliminate the poop eating.

Dog holding a roll of toilet paper

The poop eating guide was heaven sent. It provided me with a step by step protocol to ensure that the behavior ended.

Restores gut health

The guide helped to restore the gut health of Barry in two weeks, the problem was fixed. I could not believe that in just 14 days, the problem that was plaguing my dog ended just as simple as that.

Highly efficient

While many products give promises found this product to be unique in the sense that it helped to treat the condition 80% of the time. The efficacy of the product was unlike anything else I had seen in the hundreds of the product reviews I had done.

Stubborn dogs

The problem will not end automatically in all dogs. I found out in the neighbor’s dog which had stubbornly resisted efforts to stop it from eating poop. The advice I found on what to do to treat such dogs was so invaluable that I decided to share it out to all other pet parents out there.

Natural ingredients addition

With just some extra steps like adding natural ingredients to the dog’s food, the problem could end.

Is potty mouth behavioral or dietary?

The question got the answer when I read the expert review on Eliminate Potty Mouth. The truth of the matter is that it is more behavioral rather than dietary. If this were the casein discovered that the approach had to be changed.

Dog training

I didn’t know that the potty mouth could be ended by just training the dog to come off the habit. The efficient method offered in this product is all that you need to resolve the problem. I studied what the method entailed and decided to give it a try.

Golden Retriever outdoor training

100% guarantee

One of the reasons why I trusted the product is that there were no risks involved. In case it did not work, I would get all the money I had paid for it. I wanted Barry to stop eating poop and therefore, was ready to give it a try, backed by the money-back refund. Guess what I got! My seriousness in ending the poop-eating in Barry was a gamble that paid off. Barry made tremendous progress and I did not need to ask for a refund.


I knew there was a special offer of 10% discount and had to buy before it expired.  Instead of paying $37, I only needed to part with $27.I did not feel the pinch on the cost price and am sure you, too, will enjoy the special offer. Hurry while the offer lasts and save $10!

man gesturing OK

Thousands of downloads

I have one review after another and they all point to the thousands of downloads by pet owners. It is evident that the pet owners were beginning to notice how efficient the guide was in eliminating poop eating. Just like my Barry, your problem could be resolved fast and effectively. It only requires you to apply the steps that you need to follow and everything would fall in place.


I didn’t think that the problem could be fool-proof until I tried it. The designers of the guide have so much confidence in their product that they give you a whole 30 days to try it out or demand your $27. There are yet any pet owners who have made claims for the guide, a clear testimony that indeed the Eliminate Potty Mouth works. If you have not tested it, you have this opportunity to save your dog from this disgusting behavior of eating poop.


The product advises on gut health of your dog as a way of eliminating poop eating. Most of the behavior is due to microorganisms which can be eliminated in just a number of days.


The use of food additives has been found to work in restoring the balance in the gut. The suggestion is intended to be a last resort, not the main method of treating poop eating.

Incorporation of natural foods

The product guide advises the use of natural foods found in our homes in the treatment of poop eating as opposed to providing your dog with chemical-based food additives.

Swapping food brands

The guide helps you to understand how the food you buy in pet stores could be contributing to the poop eating problem. Instead, you are advised to swap the harmful foods with healthier, natural and chemical-free products.

european guy selecting vet food in petshop

Harmful ingredients

I had been giving Barry some ingredients that made his condition. I was advised on which ingredients to avoid so that I could take charge of his coprophagia condition.

Health condition

There were some health conditions which led to worsening of the poop eating health care. Through the tips on health were able to help Barry overcome his awful behavior.

Easy training

The guide sums up the approach to treating and ending the problem of poop eating in dogs.

Why I recommend the product

I initially had reservations for the product but the positive results helped me to solve the problem that my dog faced. I strongly believe that the product will work for you too.


It is not every day that you come across as cost effective as the Eliminate Potty Mouth. The internet is full of products that claim to end the problem immediately. There is no short-cut to dealing with the problem except to follow the step-by-step procedures. This product works systematically and therefore is best for dealing with the problem once and for all.

High quality

This is not the kind of scam that you buy and even when you are through, you find that there is no change in the behavior. The quality of the product cannot be put to question because it is a well-known fact that it works.

It works

Out of the various products that I have sampled, this one is different from others before it.


The product is safe with known risks or side effects. One of the reasons why I felt comfortable using it is the fact that it uses a natural approach to resolving the gut issue. One does not need to buy expensive chemicals to treat the condition. You should be wary of products which give no guarantee on their efficacy and as such, you end, losing money in the process. The money-back guarantee is a way of assuring you that what you are getting yourself into a formidable product.

Simple to follow

I have read many guides but this one stands out for the reason that it is simple to read and follow. Everything is explained very well to beginners so that you can apply the steps to end the harmful behavior of eating poop.


The fact that the guide is legitimate cannot be gainsaid. The whole thing is legit, unlike the other scams which pose as effective, instant solution to the problem. They are very high in promises but very low in delivering a solution to the problem of poop eating.

Works fast

Are you tired of buying products which take forever to show results? This guide is result oriented and in a matter of days.


I read many testimonials which seemed not to run short of positive things to say about the product. Many pet parents had despaired after trying many products until they tried it. One pet owner admitted that his own dog had been eating own poop for several months with no respite. After trying the product, things began to change and the poop eating stopped. The problem did not return again. It is true to say that this is not a sales gimmick but a genuine product which can be relied on. The ideas that the guide gives comes handy to one user who downloaded it. She had tried so many other products without any solution. The system helped to improve the gut and the digestive system. The third testimony was from a pet parent whose dog could eat own poop as soon as it relieved itself. After trying out the products, the dog now sniffs at its poop and walks away. It is no longer attracted to poop like before.


From the above, the guide is the ultimate solution to ending the embarrassing and disgusting behavior of eating own poop. The Eliminate Potty Mouth offers a natural, effective and permanent solution to poop eating. I highly recommend the product to all dog owners with poop eating behavior.

Eliminate Potty Mouth Review

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