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Do you want to save money on your monthly electricity bills? Obviously, you want to be self-reliant when it comes to your power bill. Or, stop relying on electricity supplier companies who overcharge customers as much as they want. And at times, they switch off the services any time they wish with no response to any question when you need their support. They don’t care what you were doing, whether you have paid up or not. Imagine there is nothing you can do but wait for them to restore everything.

Fortunately, the Easy Power Plan is a DIY program that may help you overcome unrealistic electricity bills forever. And you use local materials, little skills, and at a low cost. In fact, it may help find ways to preserve resources for future generations. So you won’t worry about the cost of your electricity bills or stay in darkness due to power blackouts or disconnection due to non-payment. But before you buy the program, read our Easy Power Plan review. So that you decide if the Easy Power Plan may help solve your electric power problems.

What is Easy Power Plan?Easy Power Plan Change our World Forever

The Easy Power Plan program by Ryan Taylor is a step-by-step guide that gives a plan on how to build a power-generating device that produces enough energy capable of powering up all devices in your home.

It is the best choice for someone in need of sustainable energy. Once you set up the mini generator, you’ll never worry about electrical energy ever again.

The information in the program tells you everything from the materials you require to clearly illustrated diagrams. So, you don’t need an engineer’s experience to create this generator.

Unlike other power sources, it’s shocking how the Easy Power Plan generator has very few steps to follow. And how short the list of materials required to build is. It requires very little maintenance and is not affected by weather, making it a perfect and reliable energy source.

Who Created Easy Power Plan Program?

Reportedly, Ryan Taylor, who had trouble with high-cost electric bills created the program. Yet, the power company never cared about what his family was going through. Ryan claims that they did experience constant blackouts. In one instance, there was a storm that affected the power lines.

Ryan Taylor could not bear to see his children suffering that much, and that is when he decided to find a reliable power source. As a result, Ryan researched more to look for a solution. In the process, he discovered a generator that required a lot of fuel.

But he dismissed it since the gas costs were high, and he had to store a lot of fuel at home. Eventually, his brother’s wife introduced him to Jason Newman, who assisted him to develop a power device. The Easy DIY Power Plan device was cheap, weatherproof, and non-pollutant.

How Does Easy Power Plan Work?

In short, the Easy Power Plan is a pdf that gives a guideline to create an electric generator that converts direct current from a battery and converts it to an alternate current. Then, the energy produced is supplied to electrical appliances.

Basically, this power device contains a magnet and two coils that rotate to create electromagnetic energy by converting the direct current to an alternating current. So, this device works on a dynamo process where a generator containing copper coils rotates with the help of turbines using electromagnetic fields.

Eventually, the turbines take energy from a source (like a solar energy source) and then convert it to mechanical energy. Subsequently, the mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy. Then, the magnetic fields are set into a rotating motion that multiplies the energy produced into more energy through a process known as overunity. Specifically, overunity is the multiplication of energy without any power loss.

In a word, this power device is not just a power plant. It works based on the spinning principle used in electric cars. And, the main goal of the author is to provide solutions for all-electric bills. In the end, it aims to make sure that your family is always safe in case of any blackouts by giving your home a reliable energy source. This generator works on the multiplication principle, and it can power up your whole house. The program uses US measurements, but it can be tailor-made for you.

Go Green and Save Green

It teaches the user about the importance of nature and how to care for it. This book also includes advice on how to create a welcoming atmosphere.  It teaches the user how to save and generate electricity. Suppose you have a large house or a location outside of your home. It’s a terrific piece of information for you since it teaches you about planting and growing veggies while also saving money.

This book will be useful to you if you have a poor household income. It teaches the user about 15 practical strategies to save money and how to avoid fraud. It comprises many methods for conserving energy. This extensive PDF booklet is about reducing the amount of power we consume in our everyday lives.

The book is useful if you live in a shared household. It provides useful suggestions and ideas for saving money for yourself and your family.
The spinning concept is at the heart of the Easy Power Plan. This idea is mostly used in autos that charge themselves through their wheels.

The power gadget you make following the instructions operates in the same way. If you use it correctly, you will receive a lot of energy out of it.
This energy, on the other hand, is self-sufficient. It would help if you had a hard cylinder, three wooden wheels, belts, two cogwheels, and so on (as the program indicates). The gadget is built so that minimal materials are required, yet it creates a large quantity of heat. This energy may then be converted into useable electricity.

What is in the DIY Power Plan Package

You get a plan with step-by-step instructions on how to build the program and the full list of materials. In short, you get the following

The Easy DIY Power Plan eBookEasy Power Plan Ebook

The Easy Power Plan eBook guide shows you how to build an electric motor to generate electricity. And you get the information in text, diagrams, images, and more about how you develop a generator.

In essence, it contains every single detail that you need to complete your project. In the end, the materials you need are cheap and found locally. Yet, you use less money and time to make the self-reliant power generator.

Contents of the Easy Power Plan Program

The Easy Power Plan has the following content


The batteries included in the package are used as a source of mechanical direct current at night. During the day, solar panels are used because there is sunlight.

Reflective panes and solar panels

Solar panels are useful in the making of this generator. This is because they produce direct current during the day which is then converted to alternating current to produce electricity.


Inverters transform the current and help to use energy at home. But, keep in mind that not all types of inverters are suitable in this scenario. You have to choose a specific inverter for efficiency. There are three types of inverters to look out for–Off-grid inverter, Microinverter, and grid-tie inverter.


Cables help in the building process. They assist in the passing of current from the generator to other appliances to transmit electric power.

Charge controller

They help regulate the amount of current discharged to ensure that the battery charges correctly.

Test kit

You use the test kit to check whether the system is working correctly. You require the test kit at the end of making the power plant.


The hinges hold the entire setup together after you have assembled it. They help the system work more effectively and accurately.


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Benefits of Easy Power PlanEasy Power Plan Benefits of the Product

Easy Power Plan is the ground-breaking DIY power plan that will help you evade unimaginable electric bills with just a few steps. The manufacturer has put into consideration many factors to ensure that the product has very many benefits. Below are some of them.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get it. The system is created in such a way that people will spend less but the DIY power plan fully serves its purpose.

Easily accessible

In case you want to purchase the program, you just have to go online and access the DIY power plan in the comfort of your home.

Low maintenance

This is another major benefit of the easy power plan. It claims that the only expense you have to spend on it is during its purchase. The DIY power plan device is self-sustaining, unlike the other power-generating devices.

Environmentally friendly

The generator is unique because it doesn’t leave any carbon footprint since it doesn’t use fuel. This makes it environmentally friendly, making it a better option.


The materials included in the easy DIY power plan are lightweight. Therefore, moving the whole system will not be a problem. The aspect of being lightweight makes it a good option to set it up by yourself.

Easy to assemble

The author of the program ensures that he included all the necessary information required to guide you. And ensure that the process of assembling it is simple.


One of the major aspects to consider when coming up with such a device is the safety it offers. The system is created in such a way that no harm can occur. The manufacturer provides a guarantee that ensures the safety of the system.


The Easy DIY Power Plan electricity device is a constant energy source capable of maintaining you and your family for a long time.

Looking at these benefits, the system is portable, easy to maintain, reliable, cheap, and gives a safety guarantee. This makes it the best option to escape the government and its expensive electric bill.

Who can use Easy Power Plan?Easy Power Plan Who are Best Users

Anyone tired of huge electricity bills. If you want to save money on your electricity bill, then this program is a must.

This is an essential book for people living with large families. This is because you get your power source to help you avoid the high electricity bills incurred by your large family.

Worryingly, some researchers have also warned that the US national power grids are vulnerable to attack. So, everyone needs to get alternate power sources.

Anybody can use this DIY Easy Power Plan program because the content in the program is well defined and contains all the necessary information. The author has elaborated everything in a way that anyone can understand.

Frequently Asked Questions in Easy Power Plan Reviews

When conducting our Easy Power Plan review, users had many questions about the product. Here is are samples of some of them.

Is the Easy Power Plan program legit?

The Easy Power Plan is legit. It is not that hard to assemble unlike other power plans making it a better option to run appliances in your house.

So, it is true to say that this easy DIY power plan is legit. If you still have doubts, you can get a lot of information from customer reviews. However, since the Easy Power Plan is cost-effective, you will also find fake Easy Power Plan websites.

Some shout that Easy Power Plan is a scam to lure you to their sites. Others claim discounts, then inflate the price, only for you to pay the normal price found on the official site. Avoid such scam sites, and only buy from the official site.

Is the Easy Power Plan Program Worth it? What are customers saying about the product?

During our Easy Power Plan program review, we found thousands of satisfied customers. Generally, the customer reviews and testimonials were positive.

Most agreed that the plan helps its customers to build a miniature power plant at home. Plus, customers’ satisfaction was high as they got the necessary importance from the vendors.

Better still, the Easy Power Plan comes with simplified and detailed steps, video tutorials, diagrams, and lists that guide you through the installation process. Plus, the tools and materials needed are available from your local hardware store and garage sale. Or you may have some components at home.

What’s the pricing of the Easy Power Plan ebook?

You can get the Easy Power Plan eBook at an average price. Currently, the official website gives you a low affordable discounted price.

You can also download some Easy Power Plan files to help you during the installation of the purchased Easy Power Plan. After you place your order, you can now access the program and start enjoying its benefits.

Where can I buy the Easy Power Plan program?

You can get access to the Easy Power Plan program ebook from the official website. You get directed to a secure payment page. So, immediately after paying for the product, you’ll receive the eBook in your email.

Of note, you can save your name, email, and website in the browser for the next time you comment. And you may accept cookies in the browser for a better experience. Notably, they use cookies to help personalize and improve content and services.

Is there a guarantee for the Easy Power Plan?

Yes. It has a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you may have unlimited access to the program ebook for two months for you to assess the program. Check out the guide, plans, and instructions, then set up the system.

If not satisfied with the results, you send an email to the manufacturer. And you get your money back, risk-free. No questions asked.


According to the Easy Power Plan reviews, there are about 87, 435 families who have invested in the easy DIY power plan eBook. Reportedly, only less than ten customers have had issues in operating the project. To sum everything up, you get maximum benefits from this device that you will make with the help of the Easy Power Plan eBook. Encouragingly, you use materials that are readily available at a very low price. Plus, you also get a list of the tools required to assemble the acquired materials.

In the end, the Easy Power Plan is a reliable solution for many people if given the chance to save 60% on their electricity bill in the first month. In a nutshell, if you want to save money on your monthly electricity bill, the Easy Power Plan device is for you. So you stop depending on electricity supply companies. And, you only need a few materials such as a hard cylinder, some batteries, a magnetic sensor alternator, and bearings to build the whole system. To crown it all, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee.


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