Dog Food Secrets Review: Give Your Dog the Best Homemade Diet


Interested in keeping dogs but often intrigued by offering them the best food they deserve? Then sit back and relax! There are just a few secrets that you need to know. You simply need to buy a copy of Dog Food Secrets eBook.

Dog Food Secrets

While other curious parties may be wondering how they can obtain a copy of this important book, the answer is simple. If you are really interested, simply use search engine optimization to locate the title of the book online. You should follow prompts to buy the book online and then you are done with improving the upkeep of your dog.

What is Dog Food Secrets?

This is an eBook that can be accessed online upon completing the transaction to buy it. Indeed, this resource is not free given that it is educational and it provides valuable tips about how to prepare homemade dog food.

Dog Food Secrets

Essentially, the focus of this book Dog Food Secrets is to provide consumers with knowledge as well as insight into the requirements of their dogs in terms of diet and ideal food. The book is also valuable since it provides a variety of recipes of freshly made home food for the dogs. In most cases, food prepared at home is often seen as healthy and of good quality to human beings and this also applies to dogs. The recipes mainly comprise of meat and vegetables but there are also dog and cake recipes. Many consumers who have prepared homemade food for their dogs using recipes obtained from this valuable book have reported positive results. Customer reviews that have been obtained from different sources indicate that they have witnessed great improvements in the health of their dogs after beginning to prepare their food at home. A dog requires proper care in order for it to live longer and remain in a healthy condition. It also requires a diet that is balanced. This can be possible through reading this book comprised of 90 pages of valuable information about the dietary requirements of your dog. It also provides detailed information about why processed food is not good for your dog.

About the author

Andrew Lewis is an expert in dog health as well as other vet related topics. He compiled this valuable book in a consultation with other experts from different parts of the globe. This implies that this book is comprised of well-researched information that is accurate and helpful to the people who are interested in improving the health of their dogs. The consumers can also gain insight into how they can prepare food for their dogs using the recipes obtained from the book. Indeed, a dog is an animal but remember, it also has a good taste of nice food. It can be trained to behave in such a way that is desired by the owner in order to solidify the bond that exists between the two.

Therefore, some of these recipes obtained from this book are meant for you as the owner to spoil your dog on special occasions. For instance, cake is reserved for special occasions in human life and the same can be applied to a dog. People who are good at spoiling their dogs are assured of special companionship which they will be mostly concerned about.


Significance of homemade food for your dog

A caring dog owner should know exactly what their dog is eating in order to ensure that its health is not negatively impacted. Therefore, you need to constantly review the type of food that it consumes.


Dog Food Secrets

Brands that are commercially processed may not be as perfect as homemade food in as much as health concerns of dogs are concerned. For example, processed foods are often comprised of chemicals that can impact on the health of your dog. The same applies to human beings wherein can be seen that some processed foodstuffs are not good for their health.

Therefore, the main advantage of homemade food for dogs is that it contains high fiber, high protein as well as low fat. There are also vegetarian dog foods which are very important since they enhance the normal functioning of the digestive system. A balanced diet is very important for your dog since it helps to ensure that it lives longer and it will always be happy. Essentially, the diet of the dog should also be prepared in the same manner a human diet is prepared. Homemade food is also very good at solving some of the allergies often experienced by dogs. The good thing about this food is that it is prepared in proportional quantities in terms of nutritional value which are neither insufficient nor excessive. A balanced diet is created in the process. However, a combination of homemade and processed food can also do for your dog. There is only a need to ensure that the dog does not consume excessive processed food since this can negatively impact on its health as noted. Therefore, a combination of homemade and processed food should be skewed in favor of the former.

Safety issues with regard to recipes provided in the book

The recipes provided are comprised of certain ingredients that should be used in recommended quantities. There is a risk of negatively affecting the nutritional value of the dog food if the ingredients are altered.

Dog Food Secrets

The other issue is that you risk making your dog sick if you deliberately alter the ingredients in the recipe that has been designed by tried and tested experts in this particular field. Therefore, it is not recommendable to alter the recipes since this can cause negative implications on the health of your dog. It is better you maintain the recipe as it then supplements the food with additional processed foods but without necessarily mixing them.


Benefits of using Dog Food Secrets

Many people often do not consider the aspect of making food for their own dogs at home but there are many advantages of this practice. There are various recipes that are designed for young as well as old dogs and the book is resourceful in that it provides information about the steps that can be taken in order to gradually change the diet of the dog from processed to homemade food. The other notable aspect of the eBook is that it is periodically updated whenever new information becomes available. This helps you to keep pace with the needs of your dog in as far as dietary requirements are concerned. Those customers who buy the Gold pack are assured of lifetime updates without any additional payment. In order to avoid scam, make sure you obtain the ebook from reputable websites with identifiable and authentic domains. There are also quite numerous benefits that can be enjoyed by your dog if you prepare homemade food for it.

  • The dog’s lifespan is extended by many years
  • The energy levels of the dog are increased by homemade food
  • The skin of the dog is improved
  • Your dog’s teeth will also be made stronger
  • No added chemicals that can affect the health of your dog
  • This also means less bad breath from your dog
  • More importantly, there is no need for buying separate pots for preparing dog and human food since these have similar ingredients. Tellingly, it can be seen that the health of your dog is prioritized just like human health.

smiling dog


Obstacles of Dogs Food Secrets

The issue of convenience can be an obstacle to some dog owners. Many people prefer processed food because it is convenient than preparing it at home since this is time-consuming. With commercial food, you can readily feed your dog without going through the hassles such as preparing the food. However, apart from these obstacles mentioned above, it can be seen that the book gives the strategies that can be used to prepare dried food that can be stored for longer periods.

reading a book with her dog

The book also gives information about the measures that can be taken to prepare food that can be refrigerated and can be readily consumed at any time. The other issue is that the book provides tips about the steps that can be taken if you want to change the diet of your dog from processed food to homemade food.


Special remarks about the book

Some people may be wondering if the book is worth but the simple answer is yes. To those who are concerned about the health of their dogs, this book is a must-have since it provides details tips and step by step approach towards effective homemade food production. Just like human beings, it can be seen that homemade food has many benefits over-processed food that is often procured from organizations that are run on a commercial basis.

Jack Russell Terrier and foods

Homemade food has high nutritional value so this book is handy in as far as the preparation of healthy food for your dog is concerned. The book uses simple explanations to enhance easy understanding by the targeted consumers. The book is also comprised of well-researched information which makes it authentic.


Over and above, it can be observed that a review of Andrew Lewis’ eBook titled Dog Food Secrets is very enlightening to the individuals who are concerned about the health of their dogs. The book clearly explains the benefits of homemade food for dogs compared to processed food. Just, for example, homemade food is comprised of high nutritional value since it is comprised of ingredients that are well balanced. This helps to ensure that your dog gets proper nutritional meals that can, in turn, improve its health. After reviewing this book, it can be noted that it is possible to change your dog from a processed diet to homemade food so as to improve its health. However, this process should be gradual since the dog needs time to get used to the new diet. The other issue is you should always ensure that the ingredients of different recipes are measured accurately in order to prepare the best food for your dog. It can also be observed that dogs enjoy food that has been prepared at home since it has high nutritional value compared to processed foodstuffs.

The book is also valuable in that it also provides information about tips that can be implemented in order to keep your dog in good health. This information is very important since it is based on accurate data from research that was conducted by an expert in dog health. The other issue is that one can make dry food for the dog at home which also makes it convenient for those who do not want to constantly cook food for their dogs. The book also has information about how to prepare other homemade products for dogs such as shampoo apart from the homemade food recipes. By carefully following the tips outlined in this book, you rest assured that you are giving your dog a healthy and extended lifespan by many years. Overall, the book is a must-have to people who are concerned about the health of their dogs.

Dog Food Secrets

Learn the Dog Food Secrets today, and your pet will love you for giving him a healthy, hearty meal every day!


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  • in this eBook i got all the important knowledge to feed my dog well enough.and to give him a good health.Many people often do not consider the aspect of making food for their own dogs at home but there are many advantages of this practice.Some people may be wondering if the book is worth but the simple answer is yes.this book has just given all the direction to give your dog what he deserves.

  • Thank you so much for this detailed and researched post. I have been following your advice for some weeks now and I can’t believe how everything is just coming together.

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  • Petting is tough and choosing dog food is hell tougher. Thanks to this and recommended to all with dogs as pets out there!

  • I do adore my pet. And I am ready to not just pour some cheap food into his bowl, but to actually follow a healthy diet. If he is happy – I’m happy.

  • My dog is a part of my family and I wish all the best for it. And as food plays a great part in my pet’s life, why not make it enjoyable? 🙂

  • The book has all the stuff you’ll require as far as sustaining your pooches. I can’t accept there is natural pooch nourishment and a ton of different sustenances I have no clue existed! In case you’re a novice like us in dealing with canines then you should snatch this book.

  • This is an incredible short book that reveals to you where and how to pick the best sustenance for you dog. This merits perusing. What’s more, it’s short so you won’t put in a year getting some answers concerning dog sustenance.

  • The main focus of the Dog food secrets is the double, it gives consumers insight into the dietary requirements for your dog and it has dozens of receipts for home made fresh food meals for you to make the healthiest and best tasting dog food possible.
    In fact those who follow the dietary guide in this book they have extended their dog’s life by years. That is compared to the breeds’ average lifespan.
    The data in this deal is of concern and furthermore, an eye-opener. The benefits of raising a dog are so obvious and every responsible dog owner should be able to opt for the right kind of food for their dog.

  • In this review am going to give you mare facts about dog food secrets. At last am quite sure that it’s going to help you a lot when it comes to making a choice on which dog food to choose.
    Most of us do love dogs, right. So why do we keep giving them such a diet that we do not know much about? Keep reading this and you will get all the necessary information on how to offer your lovely dog a healthy diet.

  • Ask me and i will tell you for sure that this book will not fail you. I am so happy that i bought the system because the author provides tips and secrets about dog food that i have never found anywhere.

  • My son no longer has to worry so much about food for his dog. When i bought this guide i knew it has everything he needs and it does.

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  • I really like it. This is because it is a system that has worked very well for me and my little boy. He has always been a dog boy. Feeding his dogs were a problem until i decided to get him this system. The good thing is that it is working.

  • Dog food companies’ sole aims to generate a return and your dog is not their main concern. I am learning and doing this for my dogs at home.

  • The program is not out to ruin the dog food industry, but rather gives you, dog owners, a healthy choice of meals for their beloved pets.

  • The main focus of the Dog food secrets is the double, it gives consumers insight into the dietary requirements for your dog and it has dozens of receipts for home made fresh food meals for you to make the healthiest and best tasting dog food possible.

  • You are going to discover that if you want to know exactly what the food you are feeding to your pet is made up of, and how it affects their health.

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