A good friend of mine is a struggling photographer. He is trying to set up business in this good amount of competition. A few days ago, when we met for lunch, he asked my opinion on online programs which help users to sell their clicks. Such programs claim that their users earn good amount of money. He especially mentioned an online program called DigicamCash. I had no clue about it. He asked me to have a look, research about it for a few days and let him know the reviews. I started checking if it is a legitimate program. As there are so many other ‘make some money online’ phishing programs, I had to be sure about this.

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For a quick introduction

DigiCamCash is an online program ideated and compiled by Jarrod Hardcastle. This seems to be good news and opportunity, especially for amateur photographers. There are many people out there who have photography as a hobby and love clicking for fun. Few take this passion seriously and few don’t. But if you have good talent, why not monetize it? It seems like a good way to mix business with pleasure. This emerging digital product asks a very simple yet sensible and important question “Why not earn money with these photographs, which you have taken with a lot of enthusiasm and imagination?”

Photographers wanted

Book Overview and history behind its birth

DigiCamCash is an interesting program idea generated by Jarrod Hardcastle, who used to develop training materials for amateur photographers. After many years, he was done making thousands of dollars in a very short time just by clicking a few simple photographs and uploading to photography websites. It was one of the easiest jobs to do for the amount of money he was getting. This kind of work had given opportunities to travel around the world and earn good amount of money no matter where you are.

There was a day when Jarrod Hardcastle was looking for a royalty-free photograph of a puppy for some work. The problem statement was that he wasn’t able to find anything which he could have downloaded and used without violating any of the copyright laws. This meant risking thousands of dollars as fine.  Suddenly, he came up with an idea. He wanted a system which could give him the required photograph with a nominal fee. Something that sells a photograph on its own. He felt it was definitely better to pay a small amount of money rather than surfing the internet like crazy for hours. Jarrod thought many other people would be facing the same problem. Why not solve it?

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To his wonder, he was thinking right. There are many other websites in the stock photography market on similar lines, for example, Shutterstock and iStockPhoto. Such portals tip more than $5 Billion per annum. Thousands of people in a day buy tons of photos from these stock websites. Every time someone buys the image, the photographer mints money. It doesn’t matter if he is an amateur or proper professional one. The DigiCamCash system offers a step by step instruction program which will tell you exactly how to earn money from your hobby of photography. This is how you could be part of this billion dollar market. And, you need less than $50 to get started with the lessons.

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What can you learn?

DigiCamCash teaches how to translate your hobby into some cash. This online program gives some really useful tips to be used in photography. It is not a very herculean task to click a photo but everyone doesn’t know tricks to click quality photographs from a perfect angle and lighting. You will be provided with very important tips and tutorials to learn the same. The program educates you how exactly to upload photographs in a proper manner. There are some tips which can make your photo viral on the internet. DigiCamCash tells you where to upload photos. After getting its membership, it will give you all idea about the global market which needs your photographs. You will know your perfect target audience and market people out there.

What are the steps?

There are four really simple steps mentioned to sell your photos online like hot cakes. These are as stated below:

Step 1: Click a photograph.

Now, Step 2: Upload the photograph on all possible online photo marketplaces.

Then, Step 3: People will visit the website to download the Photo. They have to purchase it to use it.

Finally, Step 4: Once they pay and download, you are paid automatically.

That’s all! It is not rocket science.

A tip: In any marketplace, if you want people to take you seriously, remember everyone likes to see your experience. You should first set portfolios of your work and showcase yourself as a professional in a specific area of specialization. If you are serious about making money, you need to follow the tips mentioned in the book and put in some extra efforts.

Who will be interested in stock photography?

It is surprising to know that all kinds of photographers with the difference or no experience at all make benefit out of such online options. You may not be a well-equipped and professional photographer but that doesn’t mean that you can not click a photograph. Sometimes you never know when and what catches the sight and imagination. Eventually, you capture the moment by clicking a photo.

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In a few cases, you might be crazy about camera and photography. But you surely don’t know how to present them in an impressive manner. All this because you are still an amateur photographer and there is no help to teach you. You might be having an eye for detail but still not aware of the effect of lighting which makes a perfect picture. You need to learn all of this to ace in the field. Ultimately, when you are ready, that would be the point where this help guide comes in the scene. It will tell you how to utilize all your learnings by converting into cash. There are many potential customers out there who would really be interested in your work and looking out for stuff in stock photography websites. Like:

  • Campaigners
  • Advertisers
  • Business Firms
  • Graphic Artists
  • Book writers, illustrators, and editors
  • Web designers
  • Magazine editors
  • eBay Sellers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Travel Agents

Price and Guarantee

For some limited time, Jarrod Hardcastle is offering this for a lower price. You can just simply pay online and get started with the learnings. After payment, you will get the learning material as a PDF file. An attractive feature of selling this program is that the author is offering 60 days of money back guarantee. If within 60 days of purchase, you are not happy with the practices or you don’t make any profit, you may claim for full money refund with no questions asked policy.

Users Reviews

You may read a few testimonials and reviews on its official website.


My review

As told by Jarrod in his sales pitch, there are thousands of people who are looking out for quality images.  For a few professionals, images are a vital part of what they do. Those people are ready to invest good money for suitable images. There are many photographers who are already submitting entries regularly. Most of those submitted images are not free to download. The ones which offer free download do not have great quality. Probably that’s why many people are always ready to pay a few bucks instead of using the easy to find options.

With business opportunities like this, you can work on your own without any terms and conditions of employment. Cash flow and its frequency would be according to your needs. You can upload photos from anywhere you want. There is no need to follow up as the money will flow directly into the account. If you have knowledge about good lighting and angles, even without a high price range camera, you will be able to do good with the photos and earnings. Not sure if you can consider this income substantial enough but few more bucks never hurt. In my review, this is worth a try. Anyway with a 60-day money back offer, you hardly have anything to lose.

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DigiCamCash Review: How Much Are The Photos You Are Taking Worth?
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  1. Elizabeth Velasquez

    I have been working for DigiCamCash for more than two years now. It has given me extra income compared to my real salary. It is also quite easy especially when you have a hobby for photography. Furthermore, I met excellent professional photographers who continues to help enhance the said skill! Never thought I would feel so much at home in this community!

  2. Paige R. Maxwell

    I will say that photography is one of the very few hobbies that I have. It is a form of art that I love so much but at times do not understand its worth. Through this post, I have now a clear understanding about every photo that I take with my lenses.

  3. Ernest C. Black

    The article has given meaning to the every picture I take and I love photography more than before.

  4. Photography is my passion. But all say that I am just time and money behind this. But, I can earn by my hobby and stop all of them who were against my photography.

  5. Photography is my passion. But all say that I am just wasting time and money behind this. But, I can earn by my hobby and stop all of them who were against my photography.

  6. Edward Sheldon

    DigiCamCash is a combination of passion with profit, assuming photography is your passion. People all around the world are looking for photos, some of them are probably willing to buy your photos. So dive into this business and make no profit.

  7. Joanna Landry

    Now I know where to use all the photos I’ve taken the past couple months! More moola here we go!

  8. This program gives you useful tips in photography. You may know how to click a photo but may not know to click quality photos from an advantageous angle or suitable lighting. You will be given a very useful tip on the matter through these tutorials.

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