I know cleaning your house is so easy it shouldn’t be something you have to Google up but then again, there are a lot of things that you may not know about when it comes to getting organized and getting all your clutter out of the way with minimal stress and maximum success.

The following sections will guide you very briefly on what to do and how to do it for the best results. First of all, you will need a system and a guide to follow and I will give you both in a nutshell.

  1. Have a Cleaning Day

When you want to clean; don’t just do it randomly. Have a cleaning day that will be set apart just for that purpose when you have nothing to do but clean the house and restore it to its glory. When you are cleaning, it is advisable to have some background noise like music or anything to soothe you as you clean.

Cleaning and Organizing Your House Efficiently

When you are in the process of cleaning and arranging, you should take breaks because they are important and they break the monotony of having to do this on and on and on.

  1. Have a Trash Bag

When you are cleaning, you will find tidbits of random stuff that no one needs or cares about. These will have to go in the trash bag that you will be carrying with you nearby at all times. That way, you can be efficiently doing this in just one take.

Have the other bags for useful but unneeded stuff that you can give to charity and one for the important stuff that cannot be placed anywhere on the tables or shelves.

  1. Start With The Rooms People See

Yes, these ones will give you the needed motivation to attack the other ones that are unseen by people frequently. With the music in the background and no impending appointments, you can dust, buff and clean all you want while organizing everything neatly to suit you as you need.

As the house gets cleaner, you become happier and the sense that you have accomplished a lot will be satisfactory.

  1. Windows, Couch, Floor and Rugs

Cleaning and Organizing Your House Efficiently

The windows need to look so clean you can see the individual crystals of glass. The floor will need vacuuming but one thing you should remember is to shakedown the couches and any dirt that is above floor level before you clean the floor itself to avoid doing double work.

The rugs need a beating and the other random pieces of junk your kids leave around need to be dumped outside. You will tidy the doorway and if that’s where the shoes are placed right inside the door, you can arrange them properly in their respective pairs.

  1. Arranging The Furniture

The furniture is sometimes moved and lacks the proper arrangement that can keep it looking good. You can change or straighten the table cloth, arrange the chairs to look straight and then when you are done with that, you can arrange everything on the shelves to be neat and organized.

  1. The Kitchen

You will start with the dishes; any and all dirty utensils should be washed and put in their respective nooks. The kitchen counter is next. It should not have any crumbs or smears of food on it. If you have a spray cleaning agent that can make the tiles glow with cleanliness, you can use that.

Then move to the floor and mop it thoroughly then let it dry.

  1. The Bathroom

I pride with keeping my bathroom so clean that the only thing which will alert you to the fact that it is a bathroom is the toilet. Clean it with the proper reagents and use the air fresheners to keep it scented clean like the woods.

Cleaning and Organizing Your House Efficiently

  1. Finishing Touches

I think that by now you have gone through the entire houses and it is cleaner than you have ever seen it. Do you still have any energy left? If so, get down to the basement and garage to get it all done. And if you want to, you can have labeled boxes with everything neatly arranged.

Finally, you are now done. Get a bottle and celebrate with orange juice because wine is not good after all that work but seriously, be happy.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information, we have been struggling so much to get this together. This has working great so far!

  2. Barb Evans

    I’m having a hard time cleaning my house! It’s like as soon as I’m done with one corner, when I get back after 5 minutes, it’s all dirty again! But now that I have read your article, it’s possible that it’s because of how I clean. Maybe I should clean the elevated furniture’s first and then clean up the rest! You have been a huge help.

  3. Letitia J. Eller

    The hardest thing is to clean those parts that no one pays attention to, mostly kitchen. But I agree that everyone should firstly clean those parts that everyone sees. Great post, thank you for these tips.

  4. Robert. Pugh

    So far this has been working great for me. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. I am a cleanliness freak and I cannot tell you how difficult it gets for me to see mess all around. Thanks to the author of this article to share some important aspects of cleanliness at home for everyone. I am going to share it with some of my non-serious friends.

  6. Anthony Guidry

    We’ve been out of our normal cleaning routine and have a big mess. Our stuff has a home, it’s just not in it! This post you’re reading now is just for you. This is what I will focus on today.

  7. Richard Mosley

    Go through the pantry, refrigerator, closet, bathroom, and desk, tossing anything that’s expired, outdated or unused. Don’t do this all at once, though, or you’ll get frustrated and overwhelmed.

  8. Maria Henderson

    Decluttering your home and taking care of the mess is actually a way to take better care of yourself.

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