Best Selling Video Gaming Consoles and Games For 2017

Are you that kind of a person who loves video gaming? Are you a business minded person who wants to start a video gaming business? Either by operating a video gaming business or selling consoles or games?

The real information you need to have is on the best-selling consoles in 2017 as well as the best-selling games. The games that people want to buy and play. Here we are going to look at the best-selling consoles and the games.

Best Selling Consoles

We are going to look at the consoles that are best-selling and used worldwide. This means if you have to start selling the consoles you will have enough market.

  1. Sony PS4

It is also known as the PlayStation 4.This is one of the highest selling console of 2017.The console sold highly towards the end of 2016 and the trend has extended into the year 2017.With more than 50million consoles worldwide and some more 50million shipped, it is evident it is the best.

What makes this console stand out? It is the latest upgraded version of the PS4 can play 4K games. The console provided HHD graphics. Has very fast processors with 8GB RAM to allow ease when playing your games.

Many people are going for this console since it also comes with a 500GB and 1TB storage version. This means you can easily save a lot. You can stream you gaming experience online as well as play with other people online.

  1. Microsoft Xbox One

Best Selling Video Gaming Consoles and Games For 2017

The Microsoft Xbox one console is another famous console that people are willing to buy for their gaming experience. This also provides HD graphics and you can stream your game online. The console is provide in 500GB, 1TB, 2TB memory versions.

If you are looking forward to starting a thriving video gaming business, then these consoles should be the first thing to think about.

  1. Sony PlayStation Vita

This is also another device from Sony which cannot be left out. As a result of its portability and simple design, the vita has gained popularity in the world of video gaming. It is a simple device you can even carry in your pocket.

Best Video Games

You will agree with me that video gaming cannot be fun without the best video games in the market. The kind of video games with the best graphics and best features. As a result, here is a list of the best games you will find in the market.

Best Selling Video Gaming Consoles and Games For 2017

  • FIFA 17-Playstation 4
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III-PS4
  • Fallout 4-Xbox one
  • Forza Motorsport 6-Xbox one
  • Batman:Arkham Knight-PlayStation 4
  • Brothers-PlayStation 4
  • Trine 2:Complete Story-PS4
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  • As a game lover i was searching someone to give me advice about gaming and what should i buy for it.and there’s is the solution of my problem.after reading this review i went to store and bought Sony PS 4.its really giving me awesome service.and i am loving it.and playing it as much as i can in my free times.

  • Thanks for telling us about Forza and Batman. These are my kids favorite and I think these games will help me save lots of cash as he will be getting hooked on to these for a long long time. Thanks again.

  • I can never agree more! I’m a Sony PS4 user and it is the best console the gaming company has ever made. My friends are raving about the Xbox too, I need to check this out soon. Besides this, Call of Duty Black Ops will always be one of my favorite videogame, I have been playing this for years!

  • Thanks for making it harder to buy a present for my kid haha
    Before this article I knew only about one console and was ok with that. But there surely are quite a few that deserve our attention…

  • I am vehement when it comes to gaming! It’s usually seen as a boy trait but I think otherwise. This is really helpful because I wouldn’t want to invest my money on consoles that gets easily broken. That’s the struggle when you want something affordable while buying high quality game consoles. This takes the cake, fortunately.

  • This review helped me a lot. I got it at a very crucial time when i was looking for a good console for my kids. I wanted to find a good machine that i would also enjoy using. Since it was my first time, i did not know which is which. I am happy this helped me getting a video gaming console and games that are the best in the market.

  • The top selling games of 2017 generally teach us two things: Shooters and sports games still dominate American gaming, and established franchises still beat new IPs. This is a blessing and a curse for publishers, which generate steady revenue from these series but become increasingly cautious about launching new IPs.

  • Sure enough, GTA V is right there in #7, refusing to budge from the top ten even in a good month for new releases.
    Still, it’s cool to see both the Labo Variety Kit and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in #4 and #5 respectively. Who would have thought a cardboard folding kit would ever show up on a best-selling video game chart? And since Tropical Freeze was the best Wii U exclusive, it warms my heart to see it perform so well on the Nintendo Switch.

  • What can i say? This is one guide that helped me a lot. Both me and my kids we are gaming fans. When i was looking for the best consoles and games, this program really helped me and i am happy for that. It is an amazing system to deal with.

  • PlayStation 4 continues to secure its spot among the best-selling consoles of all time, we set out to discover how the rest of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft’s hardware stack up.

  • The real information you need to have is on the best-selling consoles in 2017 as well as the best-selling games. The games that people want to buy and play.

  • Great game titles like Mario Kart – where you can purchase a steering wheel controller and race your friends. A unique game play style that enables you to move and interact with every game.

  • The PSOne sold 104.25 million units in its 12-year life span (between 3 December 1994 and 23 March 2006), 71.32 million more units than its primary competitor, the N64.

  • Video game consoles have been existing for a long time. It may come in different forms and specifications but one thing remains constant—it keeps people of all ages feel ecstatic and entertained even in the most mundane times.

  • The most important thing about this game, the thing that makes it what it is, is that the sucking just feels really, really good. And not just the sucking!

  • Knowing Nintendo, there are likely many other projects in the works for the console that have yet to even be announced at the time of this writing.

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