The Best Portuguese Tourist Attractions

We have all heard about Portugal but what do we really know about the country itself and the things that it would offer you if you were a tourist? That is why, in this article, we are taking a look at the way the country looks like and the strides they have made over the years in the tourism sector.

It has an ideal climate, affordable prices for the utilities that you will use and the mountains are a sight to behold. You will find vineyards and when you visit the medieval villages found in its central regions, there will be quaint rustic architecture to amaze you.

The beaches that are located along Azores and Madeira will provide a good oceanic experience with the land being described as well landscaped with flowers.

The following is a list of the top rated cities that you can visit in Portugal to have a fun time if you are ever over there. They are fun, different and totally worth it.

Lisbon (The Capital City)

The best way to visit the city built on seven hills is by use of trams that will give you a good view especially when you visit the oldest district in there called Alfam which is built in a maze design with awesome architecture and sporting the St. George’s Castle.

The Best Portuguese Tourist Attractions

This city lies on the banks of the Tagus River that pours out to the Atlantic Ocean. There is a famous tram there called Tram 28 which is one that you will want to take if you are a first timer.


This one sports very good Mediterranean climates that will leave you feeling refreshed and after seeing the beautiful beaches that line the picturesque towns and the historic towns, you will never want to leave.

Found in the south, this town will give you a taste of the proper renaissance taste with the monuments, castles and old bridges that cross it.


On a hilltop in Western Portugal lies the town of Obidos a home for a castle building that take you back in time. You will find the wall that surrounds this town will give you a sense of an old town. When you walk along the streets that have quaint shops, houses that are built in ancient architecture and the castle greets you, you will find this quite an experience.

The castle is complete with battlements and towers and the gates are just a sight to behold.


The foothills of Sintra have more than just lush growth to offer you. The Pena’a Palace which serves as a retreat for the Portuguese royal family will wow you right when you spot it. It was built in the 1800 and has everything still intact.

The Best Portuguese Tourist Attractions

The forested parks, the ancient ruins of the Castle of the Moors and the Monserrate Palace which offers you a romantic getaway will just take your breath away. This is medieval in all its beauty.

Madeira (Floating Garden of The Atlantic)

When you hear the name Madeira, a lot comes to mind but the first thing that will strike you is the lush greenness and the flower gardens that cover this oasis. When you get there, be sure to visit the famous Orchid Garden and then the Laurissilva Forest which has the world’s largest number of Laurel.

Funchal is essentially the capital city here and it has the best churches, resorts and fortresses that will take your breath away. The restaurants serve the best cuisine and view of the ocean is spectacular.

In Conclusion

That is a list of the top five places that I think have the best to offer when you are visiting Portugal.

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  • Excellent! I’ve been wanting to visit Portugal, and now this article has offered me a lot to experience the country as a first timer.

  • i have always wanted to pay a visit in Portugal.cause beauty of Portugal attracts me and my family.but i was confused at choosing places to visit in this article theirs beautifully i can go without any hesitation.this article helped me alot.

  • Thank you for sharing the post. It’s such a help as I am preparing an itinerary for upcoming vacations in Portugal and the places that you have mentioned here are definite must visit. Thumbs Up!

  • I love to travel with my family and friends. This article lets me know about the best places in Portugal. Now I must have a visit to Portugal.

  • Love to visit Portugal & my favorite place in Portugal is Lisbon .There are lots of things to do with kids in Lisbon, and plenty of visitor attractions to keep them occupied.

  • I really like how this guide works. There is no one who cannot benefit from this guide. When i bought the system i knew nothing about Portuguese. Within the first few weeks you will think that i have known the language my whole life. The presentation in this guide makes you feel like you are working with the trainer face to face.

  • If you are talking about tourists and even venturing into this field, then you need to make sure that you learn such like language. It helps you able to converse well more so with the tourists that come from this language speaking nation.

  • The University of Coimbra is one of the oldest, continuous universities in Europe, having been established in 1290. It also is one of the largest universities in Portugal, with approximately 20,000 students. There are many sections of interest within the university complex. Built in the early 18th century at the instigation of King Joao V, the library Biblioteca Joanina is a fine example of Baroque architecture. The Sala dos Capelos, the original throne room, is where the doctorates are awarded.

  • The Algarve in southern Portugal is a long stretch of towns and beaches from Lagos to Faro. Hotels and golf courses jostle for space in this famous region of the country.

  • The world’s only ‘international’ zip line stretches between two villages; one in Portugal and the other in Spain. Creator of the ‘Límite Zero’ David Jarman said, ‘Two villages in two countries, separated by a river 150 meters wide – a zip line just seemed obvious to me.

  • During the month of July and August, prices explode! So, if you’re only into walking, admiring the landscapes and enjoying quiet moments away from the city life, you can go there during the rest of the year, when the accommodation prices are lower.

  • Óbidos is a great place to bring a camera or smartphone and make your Instagram account more colorful. Expect clusters of white houses framed in bright flowers and souvenir shops ready for tourists.

  • The busy city of Porto sprawls along the hills overlooking the Douro River in northern Portugal. At the heart of Porto is the charming pedestrian zone, the Ribeira, an atmospheric place on the river, buzzing in live music, cafes, restaurants and street vendors. Dominating this popular tourist setting is the Ponte Dom Luis, a metal, double-deck arch bridge that links Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia, well-known for its port wine cellars.

  • Look out for the gorgeous arched bridge of Ponte São Gonçalo and wander the riverside route where there are lots of independent restaurants and cafes that line the route. You won’t be able to resist the sweet treats!

  • The oceanarium in Lisbon is one of the best places to come in the city if you are travelling with children and it is dedicated to educating the public on marine conservation.

  • There is an ancient castle, a medieval palace, a Gothic monastery and pretty streets filled with traditional houses – Guimarães is a joy to explore. To the south of the city is Penha hill, where there are scenic hiking trails and wonderful viewpoints.
    Guimarães is a charming, small city that can be easily visited as a day trip from Porto.

  • Oporto’s alluring medley of visitor attractions includes the city’s former stock exchange building, the beautiful Palácio da Bolsa. Built by merchants in the mid-19th-century on a site where the monastery of São Francisco once stood, the palace lies within the old city boundaries and as such enjoys UNESCO World Heritage status.

  • Don’t miss Chiado, the trendy district with the oldest bookstore in the world, or boho-chic Bairro Alto, which comes alive at night. Great weather and plenty of sunlight mean there’s never a bad time to visit Lisbon.

  • The church and monastery were the first Gothic buildings in Portugal, and, together with the Monastery of Santa Cruz in Coimbra, it is one of the most important of the medieval monasteries in Portugal.

  • The aquarium is full of a variety of creatures and you will find four separate ecosystems that are divided geographically to represent the Antarctic, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.

  • Surfing is one of the main attractions in Portugal, and Ericeira is a small fishing village with a big reputation for catching waves. It’s also easy to get to from Lisbon, and while it’s not the closest beach town to the capital, it is one of the busiest.

  • Look out for the gorgeous arched bridge of Ponte São Gonçalo and wander the riverside route where there are lots of independent restaurants and cafes that line the route.

  • The Alcobaça Monastery is a Roman Catholic Monastery located in the town of Alcobaça, in central Portugal. It was founded by the first Portuguese King, Afonso Henriques, in 1153, and maintained a close association with the Kings of Portugal throughout its history.

  • The capital city of Lisbon is one amazing place to visit. If it’s your first time to Portugal, you’re going to love how stunning it is.

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