Belly Dancing Course Review: Is This The Best Way To Learn Belly Dancing?

Who doesn’t love the vivid and bold, expressive form of belly dance? And many of you are searching for the best belly dancing course review.belly dancing by women

Belly dance, in its countries of origin and in its global dissemination, has been around since the nineteenth century. It has been situated at the confluence of celebrations associated with rites of passage. Also in births and weddings, it considered a popular culture of fun and entertainment.

Originally belly dancing is a  Middle Eastern folk dance. It has evolved to take many different forms depending on the country and region, both in costume and dance style.

belly dancing course review

Newer forms of belly dancing have evolved in the West as its popularity has spread globally. We even see wonderful and exotic belly dance items being largely performed in western dance talent hunt shows.

Belly dance has broken its conceptual barrier of being a symbol of gypsies and now has entered even in the most advanced contemporary dance fusion studios.

Belly Dancing Course

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A popular cultural performance from within the framework of global culture is a dance form referred to in Egypt as “Raks Sharqi”, but known popularly as belly dance.

This dance form is the practice of individuals who trace their heritage to North Africa and the Middle East and many others who have no biological roots there but trace their creative identity and fictive bodily presence to this part of the world.

 belly dancing course structure

When we think of belly dancing, we imagine a dancer standing on the stage of an urban cultural center.

The dancer is dressed in what has become recognized as a belly-dance costume with a sequined top on the upper torso, bare belly, a hip-level skirt or pants and a belt with long rows of sequins slung around the hips.

As a community of belly dancers “whoop” and “shout” in support, the dancer integrates gestures of the torso and pelvis with a soft placement of their arms.

The dance is a staging of self and therefore a public representation of a personal conception of identity and its realization within the performing environment of the belly-dance community.

For in the creation of the performance, the dancer has chosen the music, created the costume and choreographed and/or improvised the movements, which now are, with time, being well adorned and appreciated day by day.

belly dancing classes

Many of you who are reading this right now, may have reached here while searching the internet for belly dance courses that are right for you and your body. We salute your effort, you care for your body and wish to develop your skills in a perfect way.

As a dance form moves across cultural boundaries, it participates in dialogues between the forces of globalization and resistance to alterations of existing power structures, specifically in reference to masculinity and femininity and related gender roles.

The history of jazz, blues, and rock points out the synergy that exists between forms as they evolve separate musical traditions in interaction with each other and related twentieth century economic, political and social forces.

Through the medium of popular music, it articulates one of the fundamental components of popular culture, belly dance, and its ability to constantly evolve within competing discourses from the mainstream to the margins.

belly dancing poses

Belly Dancing History:

In the global transmission of the belly dance, dancers enact expressive identities that are outside of the framework associated with the traditional performance of the form in North Africa and the Middle East.

The American version of the form in the 1960s and 70s was associated with the second wave of feminist ideals expressed by Betty Friedan (1976), Germaine Greer (1971), 2000), Robin Morgan (1984) and others that women needed to shed the patriarchal dominated image of the ideal body and discover the possibilities of an anatomy of freedom.

The freedom that you, along with many other aspiring dancers are pursuing through your beloved passion. And here, this Belly Dancing Course review targets to help you achieve the peak of your passion.

What this course covers?

This course presents to you the different styles of belly dancing and also how your body can adopt each and every one of those distinct dances styles to the utmost perfection.

The communicative way that this course offers assures you that your problems become the problems of your mentors as well and guarantees you to find the solutions to your problems faster and in the most efficient ways you can ever imagine.

Belly Dancing Course Review – Learn How to Belly Dance Professional

In this era of the internet, you are sure to find hundreds of online courses, some even free of cost that gives you the opportunity to explore the dimensions of belly dancing. But what they don’t tell you is that what you should do when you are stuck and cannot follow the instructions any further.

Situations occur when you pull one of your muscle strings your bend your joints in the improper ways. And that’s more likely to happen because our bodies are very sensitive and require a good lot of care. On sudden cases where you find yourself clueless and in need of special guidance, this course comes out as the golden charm.

Belly dancing review

This course, we have skilled instructors are the absolute best for belly dancing classes near you. Tell us about your needs and we’ll introduce you to experienced local teachers who are ready to help you.

Masterclass covers:

  • 50 videos with a total running time of 8 hours of in-depth lessons
  • Step-by-step belly-dance instruction program presented in an easy-to-follow format
  • 3 different teachers covering 5 major styles of belly dancing.
  • Suitable for BOTH beginners and seasoned dancers.
  • Learn over 40 isolated body movements, each visually demonstrated and verbally described, with on-screen visual aids.
  • All basic moves are covered in the first 2 hours so you will be up and running quickly.
  • Clearly see all movements from multiple viewing angles, including full-body & up-close views. Then perform fluid combinations of the moves you’ve learned!

How does this Belly Dancing Course work?

Now, you might be interested in knowing how this course works. You may have the question, how this course is different from any other courses available online.

To answer all your honest queries and to give you a better concept of the course, we would provide a guideline like the one below-

  1. The course will describe the variations and differences of the different belly dance styles.
  2. Give you a crystal clear picture of the percussive, fluids, shimmies, twists and shivers and tell you what you are supposed to do and what not.
  3. Help you plan your dance outfits.
  4. Guide you delicately on your way to building the perfect rhythm sense.
  5. It Will help you understand how to break the beats inside your head and express the tiniest fractions of the beats with your hips and legs.
  6. Give you a better idea of how to use the forth and back steps properly so they don’t look repetitive.
  7. It Will provide you special guidance on critical moves like Camel Rocks, Pelvic tilts, and figure eights.
  8. Tune your torso rotation and undulations, percussive hip-works, hip and feet combinations, upper and lower body combinations, and many other things gradually to perfection.
  9. Give you tips on improving your body flexibility.
  10. Teach you how to dance not only to entertain your viewers but also to enjoy and use it as a tool to cheer and relax your own mind and body.

So, all these features and reviews from people who found this course really effective, make this belly dancing course one of the best.

Belly dancing review

…and much more!

The Time magazine, in 2006, entitled “Body and Mind: Belly Dance Boom” which reported the increasing popularity of belly dance. We’ve seen Numerous James Bond films to use belly dance to set the scene in North Africa or the Middle East.

Some of the common forms of belly dancing are Egyptian Oriental, American Cabaret, U.S Tribal, Turkish Didem, Gothic and Tribal Fusion; etc.

The exotification of the Arab identity is also embedded in the industry through the dance fusion performances of Columbian/Lebanese singer Shakira and other music icons, such as Beyoncé and U2 that are largely influenced by the art form of belly dancing.

Belly Dancing Course

The global history of belly dance, as an ethnically based aesthetic form in popular culture, is a negotiation of these often competing for political, economic, social/cultural and aesthetic forces.

So no matter which country, which race or origin you are from, in this era of globalization, if you are passionate about dancing and interested in exploring the world-famous genres, belly dancing can be a very sharp weapon while displaying the variety of skills you possess.

Browsing through the hours of video instructions, you are guaranteed to make your way up to sophisticated combinations of body movement patterns, ample guidance on how to warm-up and prepare yourself beforehand (a vital tool for overcoming backstage jitters), and lots of really catchy music tracks of the most suitable rhythms that you can use to sharpen your skills during practice hours.

So in total, this is the easiest, quickest, most effective and friendly approach to learning belly dance you will ever find available. Your delaying only means your loss!

Belly Dancing Course

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