Become a Mentalist With These 3 Quick Courses!

Have you ever watched Mentalist? If you are interested in mentalism, you probably did. But it is a tv show, right, not something people do in everyday life?

Well, there are mentalists who do far greater things than actors in tv shows, capable of tremendous things. Will you be one of those mentalists?

Mind over matter

We often say that human mind is a mystery, that is, an unexplored and unused potential. But what is a mind? How would one define it?

In shortest terms, the mind is what the brain does, all the processes that happen in the brain. However, despite it being brilliant, our minds (that is, our brains) often produce thoughts or images to fill in the blanks, to make sense of what is going in; mentalists exploit these mistakes.

By using their techniques (such as hypnosis, mind reading or mind control, etc.), mentalists can awe and amaze everyone around them. Here is an excellent video of mentalism at the action:

Furthermore, you shouldn’t confuse mentalists with magicians; this is because of the nature of the act. Also, a lot of mentalists admit the usage of scientific methods, such as reading body language or exploitation of mind’s gaps.

For instance, mentalist can say to his/her’s audience that what he is doing is not magic, but people will still be amazed by the trick regardless of its origin.

How dangerous can it be?

While most mentalists use their skills to entertain people, some use it for different reasons. Like many other skills, you can use mentalism for good or bad.

For example, Erik Jan Hanussen, famous mentalist, allegedly influenced Adolf Hitler, teaching him how to “hypnotize his audience,” how to act on the stage, how to attract a large audience, etc. How else could he convince millions of people into collective madness?

I suggest you use mentalism wisely. You might want to use it for selfish reasons, and that’s fine as long as no one else gets hurt!

Now I’m saying all these because people usually don’t take it seriously. Sure, it isn’t dangerous when we are talking about card tricks and memory techniques, but when we talk about mind reading or hypnosis, there is a great deal of responsibility involved in the process.

How beautiful can it be?

Become a Mentalist

Humans love to be amazed. We love tricks and magic, not knowing they are tricks and magic; it is a genuine form of entertainment. But you can also use mentalist techniques to help people.

For instance, more and more people are quitting smoking with the help of hypnosis. And if you are in some theatre, watching mentalists like Derren Brown or Max Maven perform, you will experience cathartic moment after each act.

Furthermore, mentalism continually develops and grows with society. Throughout history, some form of mentalism entertained and amazed people. Even ancient Greeks recognized its potential

Can anyone do it?

Thankfully, yes. You can learn about mentalism and its techniques and perfect them. But like other professions and activities, you will need to learn new things, practice and step out of your comfort zone.

For instance, you might have a fear of performing in front of an audience. Well, if you want to be a mentalist on the stage, you will have to overcome that fear.

But let’s assume you are a beginner wanting to become a mentalist but don’t know where to start. Well, I searched for best courses out there and decided to summarize them just for you. They will help you, whether you are a beginner or an experienced mentalist looking to upgrade your abilities.

So, without further ado, here are the best X courses I found over the past year, and what makes each of them so good.

1. Would You Like To Read Minds – Mentalism

Become a Mentalist would you like to read minds

This post is an excellent source of free information. It is not a product review, but a guide for everyone interested in mentalism, predominantly engaged in mind-reading. Moreover, the post contains several links that will inform you about techniques such as reading body language, hypnosis, etc. All in all, great post, well worth of your time.

2. Master Mentalism

If you are looking for a single point from which you will launch your mentalist career, this is it. This book will teach you about mentalism, how to uncover and harness your unique power and develop your style. Illusions, levitation, spoon bending, hypnosis, mind reading, remote viewing; you name it!

3. The Revelation Effect

Probably the best guide for beginners, since it contains step by step instructions. It is easily downloadable and comes in video format. It also has some valuable bonus content that can make a difference between being a good and brilliant mentalist.

All in all, be sure to check out these posts because they contain valuable information. Furthermore, these products have a money-back guarantee, making sure that you can test these books and guides and see if they are the right thing for you. Just pursue your passion, and, if you decide to check these products out, treat them with respect and treat mentalism with respect and use its powers carefully.

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  • The three courses mentioned in this guide are real. They work. I am so much amused by how you can buy this guide knowing nothing in mentalism and grow to a pro by just going through the 3 courses in the guide. It is one of the most effective guides i have come across.

  • I am able to learn very many things here for sure. I am therefore looking forward that the courses above will for sure have a great impact in my journey of being a mentalist. I am happy to have this for sure.

  • Something that can be done with persuasion given the techniques that you will need to learn, practice and step out of your comfort zone. Just great!

  • Mentalist is what you call those people who practice mentalism, the art of discerning the truth about an individual as well as many details about that individual’s personal life.
    Many refer to mentalism as an activity incorporated by supernatural powers, however, how to become a mentalist is more about developing exceptional decoding and observational aptitude. Many professions from crime investigation field to magic performers make use of mentalist’s tricks along with the discipline of psychology for mental performance and behaviours.

  • There is nothing really better than this guide. Mentalism is not an easy thing. For sure it works better than i ever thought. It taught me so much about mentalism. I am glad

  • That is not easy, I’m a mentalist myself and first off you need to start with hiding your emotions, becoming neutral at any situation, make sure you can’t be read.

  • You don’t need ESP to be excellent in decoding and profiling an individual. You’ll just need to be very keen on your scrutiny.

  • With mentalism, and magic for that matter, many times the effect or trick is actually quite simple once the method is revealed. Both of these skills you can learn them through reading books or on the Master Mentalism course explained in more detail below.

  • With effort, willingness and determination. It can easily be done. The greatest thing about mentalism is that nobody knows about it. That is why we have so few mentalist in the world today. This is not a subject that is talked about. Ever.

  • In learning how to become a mentalist, one should practice the art of finding lies. You can catch the person if he’s lying or not based on the physical cues that indicate his being anxious, nervous or unsure.

  • It was a good experience, though. It helped me to go through different products and see what deserves the attention and actually works in terms of self-education and what does not.

  • It’s literally fuking crazy how easily it can be done. Learning how to become a mentalist is not easy to master as it includes both the art of reading people and implanting ideas with great subtlety, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. First, let’s have a close look at what a mentalist actually is.

  • How to become a mentalist starts with good surveillance, therefore as a mentalist, you can be quite confident of your judgment. You don’t need ESP to be excellent in decoding and profiling an individual.

  • To better enhance your mentalism tricks, start discovering new things with yourself first. Face the mirror and make a thorough observation of your facial reaction.

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