Auditioning Like a Hollywood Star

It is the dream of every up-and-coming actor to go for an audition and wow everyone there. But the fact remains that auditions are scary and people find it difficult to face the judgy faces of the people who are running the auditions.

And that’s what I am, a person who searches for talent. As a director of some impressive plays and other episodes in several Series’, I am going to approach the subject matter from the point of view of you the actor and then mine.

I will tell you what you should do and then if you can remember all of it, you will be fine. After that, it will depend on how good you are.

  1. Picture and Resume

These are the things that I would like to see when you walk into the auditions. I will want to remember the actor who wowed me and I can’t do that if you are not memorable now can i? Do not approach without those two please if you want to get the part.

I want to know what you have done and all that will be in the resume and it will help me know if you are what I am looking for. I will not want to hear the same excuse that people give like ‘oh… I have an agent and all that’.

  1. Do You Have Your Lines?

Auditioning Like a Hollywood Star

Do not pretend to be in the clear when you are not. If you haven’t memorized the lines, do not come up with stuff just to show that you have gone through the script. If I gave out lines that you were supposed to memorize and you didn’t get them, do not ad lib.

I know that Ryan Reynolds ad libed ‘Smokey and The Bandit’ but you are not Ryan Reynolds, you are a fledgling actor who is trying to get the port, play by my rules and when you become a star like Christian Bale, you can bully whoever you want.

  1. Do Not Give Me an Excuse

So you had the flu and then your cable went out, I don’t give a ‘whatever’ about it. You will just have to do what you can and then blow it or impress me. It’s all up to you and how good you really are. Trust me, if you are first tier, I will know whether you are speaking with a plugged nose or not.

  1. Get There Early

I am a director which means that I get really hungry and grumpy and tired just like the rest of you people. You will have to come early. If you find me at my meanest in the evening, I will be too tired to listen to anything clearly.

In Conclusion-be the best that you can be.

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  • Audition like a Hollywood star is a this article the kind author has given the tricks to do so and make it happen. .It is the dream of every up and coming actor to go for an audition and wow everyone there.Do not pretend to be in the clear when you are not.

  • Being a member of a theatre group, this is a real thing we wish to let everyone know. You need to be able to adjust to the group and the director. You need to respect the director’s authority. We even have our saying that the Director is God on the set. Cheers! Thanks for clearing this up to everyone else.

  • These tips actually are real! They actually hit the right spots. In acting, you really need to memorize your lines. This is very important if you want to flourish. You should not make excuses when if you want to flourish as an actor or an aspiring actor in the least.

  • I’m having my first ever audition in a couple of days. Stumbled into this informative article. And I’m happy that I did.
    Wish me luck!

  • Auditioning I must admit that it is always scary. There are very many things that do happen and we do underlook them when making preparations. But through this guide, I am able to learn of these mistakes and how best to be better.

  • Before they were deemed top-billing material, even the biggest names in Hollywood had to audition for jobs. This is a good source of information to know how and be prepared.

  • You do not have to struggle a lot. I have been struggling to find tips that can help me out to go through. I have passion in acting and this is why I decided to use this system. After looking at this guide and using it for a long time, then I can openly say that it is the best.
    You do not have to struggle a lot when using this guide. All you need is to apply the tips in the guide and you will be more than happy to see the results.

  • This is something that had become a very big problem to me. I knew that I had the talent and the ability but when it comes to auditioning I found myself messing up. I can say I am happy for this guide. It has helped me go through that so quick.

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  • Auditioning in Hollywood is not for the faint of heart. It is very competitive and you must come prepared. These are simple yet effective tips that will help you get ready.

  • Take advantage of school theatre. If you’re in high school or college, there’s no better time to start your acting career than now. Get involved with school theatre as soon as possible. Sign up for theatre classes in your school if you can. Audition for school plays. High school drama programs are a great way for you to get a feel for what the acting world is like and start building your experience and skill as an actor.[1]
    If you’re in college, you can likely find a student-run theatre program that has open auditions. Take advantage of any opportunities to act you can find at your school. Search your schools list of clubs and organizations. Contact the ones that put on plays and ask them how to get involved.

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