American Accent Course Review: How quickly can you lose your accent?

American Accent Course

Is your second language English and do you have problems pronouncing words properly? Well, you shouldn’t let that stop you from interacting. Get learning the English language right now, specifically the American English and have fun with it. This program is specifically for the accent.

American Accent Course

Most people have problems when it comes to learning English and this cause them to be insecure, embarrassed and shy in social circles. This should no longer be the cause of your anxiety or problems because you too can become like them once you get to know how to say things right.

This American Accent Course DVD will help you to do that properly and in the long run you will be able to converse well with other people without problems. It is designed with videos of how you say words and the intonations you can use.

The Owner of the Program

Her name is Sheri Summers and she has according to her impressive CV been teaching English for over 25 years in The United States of America. In this course, she will help you know what to say, how to say it among other nuances in the American language. To make this easy for you, she uses audio and video which maximize the efficacy of the program.

American Accent Course The owner of the program

The good thing is, this will not be like a class because you can review what you forgot and learn it again and again until you get it right. As shown in this review, the advantages are many.

What Is Contained In It

This course has lessons, time to take them and how to schedule for them every week. So, here is a little guide that will help you get through it faster and more efficiently. The course has 24 lessons which are scheduled to take place every week.

In each week, you will need 1½ hours/ 90 minutes to get it all done. You may wonder why you will need a week to have just one lesson. Well, this is because you will need ample time to practice the articulation of whatever you have been learning.

If you rush through the course, you will end up defeating the purpose of trying to learn English. As most reviews said, you have to take some time to learn. However, if you are a fast learner, you can get the entire course and study it at your own pace.

The Topics to Expect

The trick to mastering a language’s accent is by getting to know the little nuances that make it unique like that. These will include topics such as:

  • Speaking/ articulation
  • Word and sentence stress patterns
  • Listening/perception
  • Learning what schwa is and the importance to learning American accents
  • Pronunciation
  • Private coaching which is optional and paid for separately
  • Intonation and rhythm
  • All learning materials are provided.
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Sentence and word linkage

American Accent Course

These topics will help you understand all that goes into making yourself a master of the American Accent English. To help you learn even better, you will find the following topics to help you through:

  • Vowels and their pronunciation in the American Accent Course
  • Linking of words
  • Sentence structure
  • Blending of consonants
  • Phonology and its relation to pronunciation etc.

These topics are not just designed for people whose second language is English. There are people who find some things tricky to say and they can also apply the teachings in these DVD and audios from Sheri Summers.

The Best Features of This Course

The course has some amazing features which are appealing to many. Among them, we have:

  1. Details

The creator of this course has put in all the details of all the things you would need for you to succeed. These details go a long way in making the DVDs appealing and very interactive.

As a student learning how to speak properly a second language, it would be bad if you couldn’t get all you needed for that. That is why this DVD includes all these details to ensure you have it all.

  1. Structure

The lessons are put in a structure that is easy to follow and very comprehensive. When you are trying to learn without a good structure, you will end up not getting much out of a course. That is why, these lessons have been arranged in such a way that you can follow easily.

In addition, when you have a structure, you don’t have to doubt yourself and all your progress will be progressive in nature. When you buy this product or even decide to check out the consumer reviews, this is usually a winning point.

  1. Worldwide

You can take these classes from anywhere in the whole world because they are available online. The thing about classes available online is that you can see them from anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet.

American Accent Course worldwide

This makes it very convenient if you cannot access the hard copy DVDs. The only catch with this one is that you will need good internet connections and if you can’t get it, it will be disadvantageous to you. So, despite this being so convenient, you will have to make sure you are online.

  1. Class Time

Would it not be nice if you could go to class anytime you wanted to? Like, you can just wake up at 2am in the morning and start learning. This is one of the best features in this program.

It makes it efficient and flexible for the working-class people who have rigid and sometimes unpredictable work schedules. It means you can go learn in your own time without necessarily missing any lessons. This is a product worth your consideration seeing that it has such amazing features.

  1. Live sessions 

Most of the classes are prerecorded so that they can allow for flexibility in time. It’s why you can go to class whatever time you want. However, there are also programs of live sessions which you can attend through teleconferencing.

Of course you will need strong internet connections for this and you will, with the right resources, be able to ask questions. This allows for you to work on the areas you had difficulty with and finally, you can be able to interact with the teacher directly for optimum comprehension.

  1. Tests And Quizzes

What would be the point of learning all these things if you don’t get to go through comprehensive and well-structured tests? These are meant to track your progress throughout the course and enhance understanding.

They will also push you to try harder since it is always good that students have motivation of some kind as they go through the learning process.

The Expected Results 

When you decide to learn with this course in mind, you can expect to see the following results in a short time which should be satisfying:

  • You can now be understood when you speak the first time and you won’t have to endure people saying ‘pardon’ all the time.
  • You will be able to understand what people are saying by being able to hear what they say and not just inferring from context because the accents stump you.
  • You will be able to speak in an American accent just like the Americans do.
  • You will not have to pause while looking for a word to fill in gaps.

American Accent CourseThese should motivate you enough to work extra hard to make it through the course.

What Hinders You from Learning

Before you can begin to learn, you have to know exactly why you have been having a hard time getting the accent right. That is why in the program, they encourage you to know why you are learning. When you focus on a problem and where it stems from, you can beat it easily.

  • Lack of a good teacher or someone to practice on/with
  • You may not be able to finance yourself for private classes
  • You may be having an accent that is too thick and you don’t know what to do about it
  • You may not know where to begin learning as learning a new language can be so hard
  • You may be lacking time to study because you are studying something else and you can’t make time to learn the American Accent Course

The good thing about this course is that it can alleviate all those problems mentioned above and more. These are just a portion of the major problems that learners face.


The Pros

This program has so many advantages but here are the ones that stand out:

  • Availability– The first thing that goes into making a product sell better is availability. How much of it is available and where to get it. The good thing is that these lessons are all very easily available if you have a good internet connection.

Just by searching American Accent English Course, you can get all the things that you need to know about this course. It is downloadable in whole or in weekly parts depending on you as the user.

So, if you want to know if it can be found easily, the answer is yes, it can. You just need the internet.

  • Designed for Quick Progress- This course is made in a certain special way. The creator has structured it in such a way that you will be able to learn faster in the quickest time. This will not only save you time but also make you remember better what you were taught.

Dragging through the courses doesn’t help with retention of material learnt and learning quickly especially if you are going to need those skills after a short time. That is why we think that this course would be the best if you want to make this a short, memorable experience.

  • Confidence– After using this program, you are more likely to become confident due to the fact that you will now be able to speak like anyone else in the American English-speaking community. It helps when you can communicate without difficulty.

American Accent Course

  • Cheap– When you compare these lessons with hiring tutors to teach you how to speak, it is far more cheaper because you will not only be able to dictate your own timelines but also be able to save money and have time for other things that are important in your life.
  • Money-Back Guarantee– The other good thing about his program is that when they promise results, they mean it. If you do not apply yourself enough o learning the way they have advised you to, you might fail to complete the course successfully.

In the event that this does happen, you can be given your money back but this doesn’t happen unless you are an unwilling student.

  • Downloadable Material– The key to mastering a language is hearing the owners of that language speak in a way that you can understand. That is why you will find that the material provided is in terms of videos and audio files that can be downloaded to your phone or computer.

This will make it easier for you to learn as you can carry them and listen to the way words are spoken while you are out there doing other things.

  • Success– This course has been enjoying very encouraging reviews from consumers. We as the writers of this review have good things to say about it too. It has truly changed lives and it works. The good thing about buying something that you know works is that you have no doubts about it.

This is not a scam and it is worth your money. So, buy it if you can and if you want to learn better English the American way and get all the nuances right.


The Con

There is just one thing that is a bit off course with this whole program. Most of it is available online. You will need to go digital before you can access all the amazing features that are contained in this amazing product. This will mean that you need to get you some internet for the videos and the audios and if you want, the live sessions and the tests. This is the real deal, no scams. These will go a long way to helping you succeed in this particular subject.


These amazing DVDs and internet material have all been proven as worthy of your time, money and dedication. American Accent English Course will ultimately change the way you view The American way of speaking English. Learning it will be easier and faster and more efficient. Get your copies now and subscribe for the videos and all the material you can get your hands on. Dedication and careful following of the schedule as set by your instructor is the key to succeeding in this course. Practice hard and you will see the changes happen in a short time. American Accent English Course package is the key to wonderland.

Get Access to the American Accent Course and start reducing or even eliminating your accent with this powerful training course!

4.9/5 - (9 votes)


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