I believe that the world without actors is not a complete world. Acting is a puzzle that completes this picture of the world, colors it and makes it seem more beautiful and enjoyable.

Whether by tv, theatre or some other medium, a great actor will enchant you with his words, gestures, and lines. And that actor is very good at his job, he might even convince you that he isn’t acting at all!

It is not an easy job

actors in musical

Being an actor is a tough job. There is a reason why actors earn so much money; they are paid to be someone else. And for most of the population, it is tough to jump outside of their comfort zone and “be someone else.”

Furthermore, to be a good actor means to practice, a lot!

What we see on our tv screen or in the theater is the result of the combined work of producers, makeup crew, actors, artists, musicians, etc. To make a good movie or perform a beautiful play requires a lot of effort, and most of it comes down to the actors.

Becoming an actor

Majority of the population believe acting is easy. Now, let’s take a moment and try to remember what acting is.

Conclusion? Well, it is a form of art, and like any art form, it demands a lot of time, patience, and effort.

Actors take acting classes, learn from each other, learn from their mistakes. Indeed, being an actor means being in a constant state of alertness, has opened eyes and ears because you never know what might help you along the road.

A lot of people wish to become actors but aren’t ready to commit. They aren’t willing to practice every day, to leave everything else aside and focus all their energy on acting. Are you prepared to do that?

Turning passion into profession

When the time comes to turn passion into a profession, a lot of people fail. They might know how to act, they might be talented or a perfect fit for the primary role in some movie, but they don’t have that pro mentality. Perhaps they don’t want to turn their hobby or passion into a profession. However, a lot of people do, and yet they fail.

To be a professional actor is to be paid for acting; plain and simple. And the better you are, the more money you’ll earn. It’s just like any other job, and yet it cannot be compared with any other job because, well, you are acting. And this is one of the most significant problems a lot of young actors face: they don’t appreciate and respect their work.

Amateur or professional: which of these are you?

If you want to stay at another level, that’s fine. In fact, that’s understandable. But if you’re going to become a professional actor, then you’ll enjoy the rest of this post. You probably dream of being famous, having a lot of money and playing a role in a great movie. Dreams are great, and you should dream. However, eventually, you have to realize your dreams, right?

You need a plan, you need a guide, and you need to remain on the path you envisioned. And you know it won’t be easy, but you are ready to go beyond that, you are prepared to overcome those obstacles and you won’t make any excuses.

Getting the help you need


Thankfully, you aren’t on your own. You have me and people like me, people who were in the position you are in right now. We are here to help you. That’s why I’ve put together the list of courses that have helped me the most – and what makes each of them so good. Start making money as an actor today by picking one (or multiple) of these courses!

1. No More Waiters

The Internet made a lot of things more comfortable, affordable and available. Instead of paying a lot of money for expensive courses or art schools, why don’t you opt for this fantastic book? It covers everything an actor should know. It has a lot of tips, a lot of ideas and motivates you to keep digging.

Probably the most important thing about this book is that it helps you shape the actor mindset. Even if you are a beginner, you need to think like a famous actor; you need to develop your style, lines, etc. All in all, I highly recommend this book, and you should check it out!

2. Auditioning Like a Hollywood Star

famous actors

Another great thing about the Internet is that most of its data is free and available to the public. However, you also need quality free data. This post is an excellent source of free information regarding acting.

As the title of the post suggests, its goal is to prepare you for Hollywood. And even if it sounds too ambitious, you need to remember that being an actor means to be ambitious, all the time! A lot of people reported back to me, saying that the post helped them prepare for the audition; it might help you too!

In any case, I hope you won’t give up the idea of being an actor, regardless of how terrible things might get.

Remember that a lot of famous actors struggled to become what they are now. But if acting is your passion, don’t reject it. Instead, embrace it, direct it and shape it. Let that passion fuel you through hard times.


  1. Kyle Peterson

    If you want to be considered seriously as a professional performer you need to make a significant investment in your career and training. I know you hear these chance stories of people being “discovered” on the street or at the airport, but the reality is, most of the competition out there (and there is A LOT of it) is both highly trained and well educated. You can probably forego the standard (and crazy expensive) four year Bachelor of Fine Arts programs, but at least two years of training from a respectable conservatory is a standard if you want to get in the door.

  2. Elijah Cohrs

    The Hollywood Reporter has offered a detailed report on how much money actors and filmmakers make, ranging from A-list talent to complete newcomers.
    Despite the movie business changing drastically in recent years, relying more on franchises than big-name actors to sell tickets, there are still some who demand a high price.
    They include Jennifer Lawrence, Will Smith, and Dwayne Johnson,

  3. Jennifer Tubbs

    After Kevin Spacey was replaced in the new drama “All the Money in the World” for numerous sexual-misconduct allegations, scenes had to be re-shot, which cost $10 million, according to an exclusive report from USA Today. But, that paper reported, the money wasn’t divided up equally between the film’s female star, Michelle Williams, and her male counterpart, Mark Wahlberg.

  4. The Hollywood Reporter recently rounded up a list of salaries typically earned by a variety of employees working on small- and big-budget movies. We’ve combined THR‘s data with other research on the subject—including some numbers from salary research site Payscale.com, and a Vanity Fair video showing how much each person makes in a theoretical $200 million budget film—to get a good sense of how much different people make working on a movie.

  5. George Oliver

    Actually make money actor is a clear and a very comprehensive system. The best part about the whole guide is how all the tips are well structured and presented.

  6. In all reality though, I would encourage anyone to think long and hard before deciding to pursue any artistic endeavor full-time.

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