Many people who wants to learn how to play guitar do not realize that there is a difference between acoustic and electric guitar. As much as playing guitar is fun and amazing, it is important to note that not all guitars are the same.

There are two types of guitars one can play. The acoustic and the classical or in other words electric guitar. In most cases, electric guitars are used by professionals playing in big events or concerts.

On the other hand, acoustic guitars are used by people playing simple music. Mostly beginners learn using the acoustic guitar.

What Makes the Acoustic Guitar Better For a Beginner

  1. The acoustic guitars do not require an amplifier to produce sound, unlike the electric ones which must be used with amplifiers and electricity to produce sound.

This means that they are the best for beginners since you can use them anywhere.

  1. Acoustic guitars are much cheaper. The acoustic guitars are by a big difference cheaper than the electric guitar. As a beginner, you can easily buy one for your training.
  2. They are cheaper to maintain. Most acoustic guitars will use plastic wires unless the electric ones. Plastic wires are cheap to buy.However, these wires are not as durable as the metallic ones.

  1. They are light. The acoustic guitar is lighter than the electric guitar. This is ideal for beginners since you can easily carry it from one place to the other.
  2. They are easy to play as a result of their soft wires. When beginners are learning guitar, in most cases they have problems with the wires. Most people get their fingers injured especially if they are using metallic wires. This is not the case for the acoustic guitars that are made of plastic wires.
  3. The acoustic guitar is able to produce a nice and clear sound for soft music. People learning guitar will obviously start with soft music unlike those who are professionals and play rock. The acoustic guitar is the best for soft music.

Irrespective that the acoustic guitar is the best for you if you are a beginner, you can always move to playing the electric one which is much more fun once you know how to play.


  1. Steven Guerin

    Wasn’t too keen on starting playing guitar but after reading this I guess I can dust off my brother’s guitar and try it.

  2. When my teacher told me to start with a guitar like this i was so disapointed ’cause I wanted to rock and roll just like tony Iommi, but after a few tries of explaining to me the reasons, he told me to read this article. Now I understand and so excited to try it out!

  3. This is a great article. I was going towards electric guitars as you know they are really really cool. But I guess I have to start off with acoustic one first to get my basics right. Thanks for the cool advice. Cheers mate.

  4. Here I had a guitar in my lounge laying like the ugliest of shoe pair and it only came to use when some show off friend had to get a sassy picture for social media. Then i decided i should give it a try and here am I, learned some tunes and some beautiful notes with this very guide. Hope to make into the college band this summer!

  5. I agree with this post. When it comes to learning guitar, acoustic is the way to go. Financially speaking, all you need is a guitar. It doesn’t have to be new, but make sure you buy it with someone who understands guitars. Once you buy it, you can start learning it. Rest of the things you will learn in the process.

  6. Great piece of work right here. I really love what the author has done here and shared such a nice piece of information.

  7. It is very true. The acoustic guitar is the best guitar for beginners. I have seen this from the guide after using it on my son and daughter. I wanted them to learn guitar but they could not do this without access to enough resources. I knew taking them to training classes would waste more time and money.
    I am impressed by how much they have acquired from this guide. There are very simple tips that are well explained making sure that you can practice well.

  8. What a great guide? I do not believe there is anywhere you can get what this guide is offering. I know seating somewhere with a guitar teacher can be very difficult. Sometimes you do not have enough time for that or it is just so expensive for you.
    Acoustic guitar best for beginners provides a refuge for this. With this guide you do not have to struggle with time. I use it to train and the best thing is that it is flexible. I can train anytime I want. It is the best.

  9. Thanks for making my dilemma come to an end 🙂 I will surely be choosing an acoustic guitar to start my studies.

  10. The S6 is a popular steel-string acoustic that’s often touted as one of the best models for learning to play guitar – and we’re inclined to agree.

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