A & P Electronic Media Review: Are You Using These Solar Secrets?

With the rise of technology, it is no surprise that the machines used for energy generators are more enhanced. But, because of the decrease in revenues of foreign countries. It is hard to maintain the durability of these machines.

That is why more and more solutions are studied and suggested. One method that we all know is through Solar Energy. This type of source is known to help the society in saving more revenues.

In this case, the only thing the society needs to spend is for the materials. How does solar energy work? Through the rays of the sun’s heat.

light through electricity

How Did Solar Energy Start?

Energy or better known as electricity can never be done in a snap of your fingers. It takes numerous trial and error before you produce energy for a home, and more so for a whole city.

So, it’s obvious that electricity is not present immediately! That’s crazy. So, how did it started? Tesla was a small company which focuses on energy generators.

Through this, they solve two problems.
1. Solution for electricity or power
2. Movement of electricity over a long distance.

The machine is so perfect, people use the same design (literally, did not make any changes over the last 120 years). This invention lit up the world, created modern cities and it is used today in most electric devices.

Tesla’s inventions not only lit up the cities, but it motivated and inspired a new generation of scientists.

As of now, we’re approaching a time to think about new alternatives for energy technologies. The energy that we use has become vulnerable to lose during the long-distance movements.

While everyone says locally produced energy supply is an alternative, most experts still say it’s not practical when it comes to supplying a significant amount of society’s energy needs.

plugging a lamp

What Could We Do About It?

When we think about an alternative, we should consider if the system is convenient and affordable for society.

We don’t need ideas that showcase talent,  we need ideas that we could implement for society’s energy need.

Free Energy, in science it may refer to as thermodynamic free energy. It is an energy in a physical system that can be converted to do work.

For easier understanding,  imagine a rock being lifted up and placed over a needle. Now we could say that it’s a physical system.

If we drop the rock, the rock gets gravitational energy and falls onto the needle making it penetrate deeper into the surface. So we could say that the physical system had the energy to penetrate the needle on the surface.

using solar energy

As a teenager, my dream was always to become a pioneer. And taking inspiration from the greatest ever Nikola Tesla,  I always tried my best in coming up with ideas.

But for some reasons, even if I had the idea I always ended up failing with no further option to perfect it. As a pioneering scholar, it’s important for us to have knowledge about new inventions and ideas.

How To Know More?

Learning all the newest facts, knowledge and idea is not an easy task. Sometimes we don’t even have the time to find these. With no one to help us, we don’t even know what’s new out there.

We have always wanted these electronic media organized in one place. But for some reasons, no one ever did so.

That is until I heard about A & P Electronic Media, now before we talk about this media. Let’s take a look at the men who are behind it.

engineer placing a solar power

What Is A & P Electronic Media?

This program is the leading publishing company on Tesla & Free Energy Sciences.

It was found with a vision of empowering people with the real information on Tesla & Free Energy Sciences from recognized pioneers of the modern-day Free Energy and Tesla Movement.

The Electronic Media contains over 40 downloadable e-books and filmed lectures.

Aaron Murakami and Peter Lindemann are two of the iconic founders of A & P Electronic Media. They are the reason behind people who are well informed about solar power and other energy-related findings.

Aaron Murakami is a well-known researcher and inventor. He produces books which were related to science, more specifically in energy and ignition.

Various works include:
– The Quantum Key
– A Course In Mind Power
– Ignition Secrets
– Water Fuel Secrets

With the help of Peter Lindemann, the two began a program which offers easy access to books from scientists. Through the years, they make sure to have a conference for interested people.

Learn Even More About The A & P Electronic Media Today – Click This Link To Go To Their Website And See For Yourself!

Website of AP Electronics Media

How Is It Different?

Now, we all know how there are a variety of programs which offers lessons on science and other fields. But what makes A & P Electronic Media different is because of the following:

The contents of the website are quite frankly, surprising. The information is so in depth that you may need to have some time to process the messages.

Not only that, because of the well-researched and backup studies, most well-known scientists use the information’s as references.

As someone who was curious about the new inventions and data’s which the society could offer. I found this site perfect for people who want to know something new and at the same time, make a difference.

More than 40 Books
For more than three years, they accumulated more than forty books and lectures from different authors. So, if you buy and subscribe to the website, you will never run out of books to read.

As soon as you purchase it, you can immediately use your membership and it will be for a lifetime!

It’s a deal I will never miss out. I mean, come on! You will be savvy in the field of science, you’ll know the latest data or findings through the years.

More than 5 authors
Besides Aaron Murakami and Peter Lindemann, there are eight other authors who make the website known.

With their yearning to learn and sharing this to like-minded people, there is no doubt that you will get more than the money you paid it for.

These authors are not some kind of wannabe scientists. In the website, you will see how they have professional backgrounds in different fields. May it be a scientist, engineer, or sociologist!

Yearly Conference
It doesn’t stop there. What I love the most is how they create events which are easily accessible for many. If you cannot make it, you will still receive a list of discussed topics and the slides used by the authors.

The event that most people go to is the Energy Conference. In this event, more than 10 well-known speakers in the field of science will be present.

They would talk about the current findings and studies they are currently working on.

Then, what I love the most are the question and answer portion. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions related to the topic discussed.

energy engineers

Top 3 Books

Solar Secrets
This is one of the most recent published books in the press. What you normally know about solar energy is in fact, all false. People believe that when there is no sun, it means it’s impossible to have electricity.

But in fact, the solar power at your home charges while there is sunlight. So that when somehow, the electricity dies down. The source of energy is through solar power.

It is also known for its’ longevity. The industry tells you how you need to regularly change your solar power. In turn, your expenses increases. The truth is, one solar energy is enough for centuries!

A Common Language for Electrical Engineering
Most people are not engineers. Thus, most of the time, the terms used in the books are quite hard to comprehend.

This is why a person who has zero experience in the field of engineering can easily understand through this book.

It is true to its’ word. Because in my case, I have zero knowledge about the terms but when I read this book. It helps me be more conscious of the field.

Battery Rejuvenation
It is possible to revive your old batteries at home, and this book proves it! With only simple tools and steps, you will be able to use the ‘used’ batteries. This can save thousands of dollars.


  •  Accessibility – It is easily accessible, in just a few clicks you will be able to learn more about the topic of your choice.
  • Forum – Besides the online community, there are events you can attend. It is exclusive for members only, this is where you can interact and talk with like minded people.
  • Quality – The content of A&P Electronic Media is well researched and gives complete information on the findings. It shows professionalism and commitment through the writings and other materials.


  • Complicated – This may be a little complicated for people who have no field in engineering. But with the help of the author’s books, you will learn slowly but surely.


At the moment, the current book which became a hit is Peter Lindemann’s “Solar Secrets: Debunking Myths of the Solar Industry”. As I have mentioned before, all the books they offer will surprise you.

That is what most people also claim in their reviews. Not only does it give you information about solar energy and motor engines. It contributes to the secrets, never before told by well-known energy companies.

Another review by George from the United States of America, states the great quality books the A & P Electronic Media offers.

Not only does it talk about Energy, but there are topics which range from the battery to advanced perception and even perpetual motion reality.

Happy family with basket of vegetables standing near large solar panels

Due to the “Solar Secrets”, more and more people continue to find out the truth which was hidden from the rest of the population.

Other reviews indicated how after reading the book, they did their own research as well. They then found out how the energy industry really did hide some facts about the machine.

In my opinion, the A & P Electronic Media is one of the websites which can be described as a library (more specifically the library about energy).

If you want to know more about anything machine or engineer-related, I guarantee that you will love this program.

If you want to know information’s which most of the population still do not know, this is the best bet for you.

Click Here To Go To The A & P Electronic Media Website, And See How You Can Make Big Money With Solar Power – Starting Right Now!

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