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The languages of this world are so diverse and very varied. They have different tenses and ways of denoting masculinity among other idiosyncrasies that make it a bit challenging to get everything that you need with no trouble.

When learning Hindi, it is better to learn from someone who has lived there and knows all the nouns and everything that they entail so as to avoid the mistakes that most people make.

  1. Start With The Nouns

In the Hindu language, you will find so many differences especially when it comes to the masculine and feminine words that usually have a different ending for each. This will be easier if you can be able to get all your teachings from someone who really knows.

However, there are nouns that refer to the objects which are obviously an exception to the gender rules. It will be easier to speak when you know the nouns as some of them can be fixed into English making it easy to interchange them until you get the whole thing.

  1. Pronouns

When you take a look at the pronouns especially in languages that are Sanskrit based, you will find that the pronouns matter so much because mixing them up will result in misunderstanding and errors where the words fail to make sense.

The pronunciations will also differ very much because sometimes you have to drag some words and other are pronounce curtly.

  1. Study Regularly

Learning Hindi

When you need to learn any language in the world, the key to getting it is practice and regular study. Make sure that the sessions you have are not spaced too far apart and that whatever you are learning is progressive i.e. from the basics to the advanced levels and that will help you get everything quicker.

The sessions should be productive in that you make sure you remember at least 90% of what you have learnt every time.

  1. Study The Basic Things

These will include the days of the weeks, the months and also the numbers and greetings. These are frequently used in any language and they will help you get everything that you need to know better. That way, you will have no trouble stringing the nouns and the other parts of speech together to form coherent sentences.


Always remember that the best way to learn is by surrounding yourself with the source of the material that you need. That way, you can always refer when you forget. And remember that you need to get a dictionary.

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  • Wow. Thank God I stumbled with your post. It is difficult to find all this information in one place. Basically, here’s the answer I was looking for. Now let’s get it to practice.

  • Pronunciation has always been my biggest concern. But as soon as you start talking with someone, even using the most basic words – this barrier starts to vanish. So I would add – don’t be afraid and dare.

  • I’m so glad you confirmed my assumption on whether should I start with the nouns. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

  • Living in a diverse world, It’s unavoidable to stumble upon people different from your culture. I never thought I’d have friends from Asia, and other parts of the country.

    Recently, I have been hanging out with a group of Indians and I feel out of place because of their language. In fact, they laugh at me because of my accent and pronunciation of the language, Hindi.

    But now, I’m excited to show of my improvement! The first sentence I’ll tell them is “Mein tumhe miss kar rahi hu!”

  • Great program. I have always desired to learn hindi as I love India and Indian people, but could not find a right platform to start with. Thank you that!

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  • Loved the post. Short and sweet with a lot of great tips. People find it very hard to learn a new language, but once you get over that fear, you will find that learning the new language is a wonderful experience, Just flow with it, try to understand it. It’s not that hard once you start.

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  • Knowing even basic Hindi, whether for heritage, business, or pure curiosity, will allow you to communicate with over 1 billion people on this planet and become immersed in a rich language and culture.

  • Hindi has 11 vowels, some of which are indicated by the use of diacritic marks, or symbols added to the letters of an alphabet in order to show different pronunciations.

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